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A brief history of King Ndvungunye

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I would be joyful if you published my letter about the concise history of King Ndvungunye (Zikodze).

Ndvungunge succeeded his father, King Ngwane, probably around 1775. His place of Incwala was Lobamba. Danilie Nkambule was indvuna while Mahagane Hlophe was indvuna of Elawini, Shiselweni. Shiselweni (I) is where Her Royal Highness Princess Lamboshwa was married.

Princess Lamboshwa is the biological sister of Princess Pholile. Their mother was Inkhosikati LaNtjalintjali of eBhahwini. Ndvungunye died around 1815 after being struck by lightning.
He was buried separately because of the taboo. Oral history indicates that King Sobhuza II ordered that his bones must be exhumed and as a result he was buried at Emakhosini. Emakhosini is under Chief Malambule Wamaphumzane, Wasendzenjani Mdluli.


There is Ndvungunye Primary School at Mzinsangu facing Etjeni laNgwane.
However, Southern Africans built a hospital which they called Etjejuba Hospital.

There is a huge rock where King Ngwane used to climb, the rock forms a basin which collects water during rainy seasons.
Below is the list of children of King Ndvungunye (Zikodze):

1.    Prince Somhlolo (King Sobhuza I)
2.    Prince Malunge (of eNyakeni)
3.    Prince Magwegwe
4.    Prince Ngwekati
5.    Prince Phangodze
6.    Prince Sobandla (of Ensingwweni)
7.    Prince Sobhiyose (of Ekupheleni)
8.    Prince Sobokazane
9.    Prince Ndlovu
10.    Prince Mphondvo
11.    Prince Ngcayini
12.    Prince Fetshane
The above form part of the royal family tree.

Ndumiso Mahleka Dlamini,
National Court President

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