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I understand how a lot of women feel about the Christian religion versus modern times. Times have changed, so did we as a people. We cannot for sure know when Christianity began, the Bible speaks of Adam; was he a Christian? We don’t know. But, the early people began life observing many protocols that guided their decisions and roles. Women had their roles in society, and so did men. I am a Christian but I am not submissive to some things. To me, a woman dressed demurely in knee covering outfits is a real woman. The Bible supports me in that and our traditional religion also endorses that.


But then, it was Murphy’s Law that was going to be challenged over time, women could dress anyhow and how they want. That is great; I do not challenge that at all. Having mentioned that, do we then not see that quite a lot of pastors used to shun or not allow us, as the children of God, to attend a church service wearing clothes revealing sensual body parts biblically meant to be seen by only a wedded husband and wife in their privacy. If a pastor can stand on one leg in the pulpit on the point that God wants the heart and not the soul, do we as reasoning human beings think that the person cares at all about us as Christians? Let me break it further down. The women who wear miniskirts at brothels are luring men to sexual intercourse, a mini dress is not a call for a spiritual sermon, it is to wake a man’s natural ability to make love; that is a fact.


Now imagine a nubile woman revealing her breasts and thighs in church, and since God wants the heart, fine He will have the heart of that woman, but what about the disturbed men who do not see that heart but a call to make love. Is it his fault he is a man? No. Do you think the pastor cared about that? No. We can lie to ourselves as much as we can, but the way a person dresses is not just for themselves, it communicates with people. Deuteronomy states: “Women should not dress in garments of men.” Modern Christians are so intelligent in twisting words put clearly by the Bible to be sweeter and digestible. In the early days, boys wore trousers and women wore tunics and respectable skirts. Now, quite a number of schools permit the wearing of pants by girls. It has now become a norm for women to wear pants. It came as a fad that seemed cool but stayed and seemed so.

The problem is not in the wearing of pants, the issue is what it does. A lot of preachers twist the truth to get followers but the truth remains, it is alluring to see women wearing tight jeans that accentuate their backs or hips, some even go to the extent of wearing such that they accentuate their private parts. I am not perfect but it would be great if in all our imperfections we know the truth, what is right and what is wrong. It is better if we would know the truth and not massage it to suite us. All clothes that press out all our private belongings are not holy. It would be considerable if dressing according to the Bible is considered by all women and men, in every garment worn, we could remember, this body is the temple of God, and it should reflect that.

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