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We are actually not proud that the earth has been sustaining life ever since day one; that it is the most ancient thing we have around us. We never thank the earth for taking care of our every step, like it is taking care of babies. We like our cars more than the earth we were given to look after. People of this world and planet earth, let us bear in mind that we are not the last generation to live here on earth, because it had been standing and supporting life for many years, and will always do so to infinity.


Let’s learn to treat the earth as our family or the mother of all life. We, the people, are becoming selfish yet we need to be fighting for the earth’s cleanliness and treat it as a treasure. Together as one we are strong, so we could ensure that the earth sustains life with love and care. Maybe there would be no plaques like COVID-19 if we share one goal of ensuring that the earth is always clean. We need to recycle more and restore back the desires of the earth and feed it with the food it likes and balanced nutrient quantity. It’s not a coincidence that at the same time people of the world are afraid of global warming, there is a virus that emerged.


Summits upon summits about the dangers of climate change had been held throughout the planet the past few years, but now we have COVID-19 in our midst. And this virus has shown its capabilities of closing down factories and restricting the movement of cars, which are huge causes of the carbon footprint. So this coincidence may have been of a disadvantage to a lot of things, but what if the earth was trying to restore some of what it had lost because of a series of toxins that had been in the atmosphere and on the ground. The President of the United States of America, Joe Bidden, in his first public speech said; “It’s time to heal. So let us all try and participate in doing good towards the earth because it is still going to survive for many years no matter what and sustain life for generations to come. It’s time for the earth to heal.

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