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It is not uncommon for a company to have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) tab on its website. This can be a very helpful resource for consumers to find out what a company is about. It is also a platform that can be used to glimpse into concerns that fellow consumers harbour about the institution of interest. That should be enough reason to include an FAQ page on your website. If you do not have a website for your business, go ahead and get one. Why? – Because it is 2023! More seriously – although it is upsetting that Africa has dismal internet penetration (it’s not just your country bro), one of the lowest in the world actually, you have to consider globalisation.


Economic interconnectedness is ever increasing. There could be someone out there with a reliable internet connection (must be nice) who could really use your product. Ntsiki Biyela, South Africa’s first black female winemaker, exports more than half of her produce to Texas and China. The crux of Ntiski’s vineyard – Stellekaya – is international trade. She exemplifies what online presence can do for your business. We took the long way around to get to the first point of discussion, which relates to questions asked around business and finances.


I don’t know how we got here as a species; where money is such a huge part of staying alive. We’re running to half-baked Forex and Bitcoin presentations nje asitenti. Surely, something has to give. A product that makes money always, at all times, with no exceptions! Conversations around finances are objectively difficult and it is not always easy to answer questions arising there from, but children will ask you even more devastating questions that make ‘how do I pay off my mortgage in five years’ look like a slice of carrot cake. My seven-year-old cousin hit me with the ‘why do we exist’ question. I’ll tell you, I’m not the most religious person in the world but I responded; “We’ll pray about it, baby.” I have never seen anyone lose so much respect for me so quickly. I swear, the respect he had for me just evaporated through his big brown eyes. I couldn’t answer a child’s question! And it’s not because I thought he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the complexity of my philosophical argument or anything like that – no – I just pulled a blank.


I wish life came with a user’s guide with an FAQ section filled in generation after generation for posterity. If the first thing you read was wisdom collected from generations past, you wouldn’t be so ill-prepared for this life thing man. Sometimes it comes at you too fast. Like how we expect high school pupils to make career choices at adolescence. I mean, what does a teenager know – can someone tell me? A user guide for life would avert so many miserable careers with a single sentence: Check your premise and question everything (… frequently).

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