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Life is like looking into a dictionary to find a word you do not know how to spell; it can also be like taking a line and tackle to the desert with the hope of catching the biggest fish you can find. Though they may be parallel, these two examples show that having the tools to take on a task does not necessarily mean you know how to tackle the job at hand. It goes without saying then that preparation and focus are key to unlocking one’s vision. However, that said doesn’t mean you will not encounter setbacks. Sometimes no matter how hard you prepare, you can still be blindsided by that which you had not planned for. Life can derail you so bad you lose sight of the tracks – most never come back and the minority that limp back may not all get back on track.


Time and again the mistakes we make we do not learn from; sometimes that mistake may just be a bad habit picked up over time and humans being creatures of habit end up so far down the drain that only a good hand washing may do. No doubt taking a hard left from life can leave you devastated, downtrodden, and downright defeated. Nevertheless, hard punches mean to serve us well and no dish served cold is pleasant. The humps and hurdles we have to navigate while preparing to meet our future selves need not serve as walls we cannot break down, but as bumps to a better us. Having the tools to succeed may serve well if you use them in the right set-up and environment; all it takes is walking in the right direction and following through on your actions. Others say ignorance is bliss, but then why worry if you have prepared yourself well.


So, even if you get blindsided by misfortune don’t ever be caught unprepared; though sometimes shock may throw you off course, stay on course as this will sway you from depression, which may lead to unfavourable circumstances. Life is like a wheel that turns and turns and yours is to be caught in the right position so that when you meet similar challenges they form the crest of the waves you are on. Life as a result, being the cold, hard disciplinarian it is, may leave you feeling like the fisherman in the desert or the clueless reader, but one thing you can always hope for and look forward to is hope. You may feel like it is a bunch of misspelt words meant to confuse you when all you have to do is look past the confusion. As it happens then, feeling down and out should not spell doom for you, but a premise to look into yourself and take the necessary steps to lift the monkey off your back.

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