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Recent events must surely make those fellow compatriots who walk blind-folded through the maze of life reconsider their positions, especially when it comes to the polity of this kingdom, unless of course they are in deliberate denial simply because they are beneficiaries of the tinkhundla political system. Like all serious-minded and concerned citizens, I am always befuddled by the thinking that those demanding political plurality have been christened with all kinds of names, the favourite among these being termed enemies of the State.


No one in authority has sobered up enough to try and put a human face to these fellow compatriots so that they are able to listen hard enough to their disgruntled voices before accusing them of being enemies of the State. Perhaps that is because this is not necessary ostensibly because the leadership knows the truth but is in denial because the truth does not serve its machinations. However, the truth is that the real enemies of the State are within the ruling class and blind followers of the country’s political system. The truth is that those holding the reins of political power are afraid to expose the ruse that the obtaining political system is. Hence, it cannot compete with other systems because of the fear that this may open the eyes of even those presently blinded by the largesse accruing from the excesses of the current political status quo to the limitations and transgressions of the tinkhundla system.


The truth is that once the ruse is removed, they are afraid what the people might see could be the beginning of the end of an era and the ushering in of a new political and social epoch anchored on the pillar of equality before the law and social justice for all.   Ironically but conveniently so, the so-called enemies of the state, a majority of which are within the labour movement – not forgetting the huge army of unemployed youth – are only good for their taxes that are an essential lubricant to the state machinery. A typical end-game scenario from the perspective of those holding the political reins is that they should be allowed to use, anyhow, the tax from the taxpayer without necessarily being accountable to the people at large.
The sin of the so-called enemies of the State is threatening  the livelihoods of the political elites and their blind followers engendered by the sub-culture of entitlement by calling for the decentralisation of political power from the clutches of a minority to the people in order to ensure transparency, accountability, social justice, etc, the sum total of which is good governance that is all foreign to the obtaining political system.


So, in all reality, who is or are the enemies of the State in these circumstances? It certainly cannot be the people calling for a just society underpinned by social justice for all. The enemies of the State are those presiding over the systematic breakdown of the rule of law that has culminated in the rape of moral values and civil decency. The enemies of the State are those riding rough shod over the Constitution by acting contrary to the dictates of the supreme law of the land.

Babe Dlamini   

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