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Of late it has been quite evident that, more than ever before, change will be inevitable, and this has rubbed a couple of people the wrong way. This is because the current status quo feeds their lifestyles, and anything opposing what is being offered is detrimental to their livelihood. For the past few months I have noticed an increase in the amount of what you could term revenge attacks, where those who feel pro-democracy calls are a threat to their lives as they know them, resort to indirectly threatening all those who plead allegiance to any entity calling for political reforms. From observation, one can tell that the current political landscape is more personal to most than others.


This, however, demonstrates the lack of understanding of change. To see change as a threat will do more harm than good because it will cause unnecessary resistance and further make what presumably could be a smooth transition, hard. Unfortunately, reforms are now seen as the enemy and battle lines have been drawn with everyone anticipating who will have the final say. The general atmosphere is tense and bordering on pretence as we all continue living as though everything is fine while harbouring internal thoughts of which side we are on and how best to address or commit to those we favour. The division among the populace is as clear as day and each side is living in fear of the other.

It is somewhat amusing to witness the intensity in conversations when you add anything politically related, you can always tell that people have gotten to the point where they would actually die for what they believe in. Politics has become a deadly game in this country and one wrong move might find you six feet under. However, that is the downside of change, that as much as we can deny it, there are bound to be a few casualties. Now, the problem comes when you start questioning how long one can sustain their beliefs through the use of force or belligerent behaviour. The threats can fly, the burning may continue, the jailing as well, but how long before change happens?

The truth is, being resistant is just a delaying tactic of what is evidently inevitable. In fact, both parties are possibly going about it the wrong way and don’t realise that each way is deadlier than the other. Change is bound to happen, but we need to be cognisant of the fact that it might not come the way we want it, this goes for all parties involved. The smoothest way to get things going is to sit at a roundtable and come to a compromise which favours everyone involved.

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