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It is quite commendable that the police are doing all they can to curb crime and are making countrywide dialogues to that effect. However, that does not mean we have to sit back and watch events unfold but we certainly have to look for other solutions; solutions that will be effective and that will be for the greater good. It certainly does not bode well for us as a nation, in that we are reactive instead of being proactive, and we hardly ever think of the root causes of crime. What is the root cause of crime and frustration? The simplest and real answer is poverty, joblessness and idleness.


Every human being, especially the young, has dreams and aspirations of a prosperous future. If this does not fall into the scheme of things, what will certainly happen is that frustration and thereafter crime will take over. It truly is quite sad when you look at people who have everything engage in positional and white collar crimes simply to amass riches and never think of the poor, who are in the majority. What do you expect the poor to do where, if you steal millions and are connected, one is allowed to roam free and steal some more while the pauper is expected to spend months in jail without bail, trial and finally no fine? The law only works on the nonentities in this country.


How many quality jobs have been created in this country? With the shutdown of companies and loss of quality jobs at the height of the pandemic, what else is left for the poor? In the midst of all this, the country has educated and intelligent youth who are lying idle at their respective homes and areas. I hate thieves with all my heart, for I have worked for everything I own and hate to be deprived of my hard earned possessions at the spur of a moment. I fully concur that thieves and rogues must be dealt with. What will help curb crime if we have a government that is not there to protect its citizens but is in bed with unscrupulous individuals? People must not think that simply because they can make laws, they can get away with anything.


If this is allowed to continue, we will have a lot of vengeful individuals who will resort to crime and have their future destroyed. The worst part is when the institution (government) we expect to uphold the Constitution and laws of the country, tends to side with wrongdoers. To close my case, may I say there is no amount of dialogues or incarcerations without bail or harsh sentences that will curb crime in this country, save for the fact that there is political will from government to assist. The paradox is in that the rich and powerful are driven by pangs of amassing wealth and power, which makes them commit white collar crimes, which is voluntary, while the poor are driven by pangs of need and starvation, which are involuntary.

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