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I’m just stuck and troubled by my thoughts about what has befallen this country these days. I am lost in the seas of broken dreams. I rarely follow current news and what is happening around me, but since the unending protest began in the country, I follow every news about the situation in the kingdom. We are very much alive to news daily, be it locally or abroad. This has kept me thinking of what will happen after all. Our neighbours have viewed how we as emaSwati have become violent, yet we are known for peace and as a respectful nation. But our actions have shown the opposite of late. We have lost lives through the unrest activities and may all the affected families find solace.


I am afraid that poverty will be among many of us soon. I have been to my local town and I witnessed structures in ashes, especially business structures and I wondered if our lives will be the same after all this. Yes protests are signs of raising grievances but the destruction will cost each and every one of us heavily. I suspect the rise of prices in our shopping complexes being another challenge after a rise a year ago. Are we not subjected to a double endurance at the moment, as the pandemic is currently onto us and it is far from over? My worry is that life is still going to be harder for many if we resume ravaging the structures that are meant to support us. I am afraid that poverty will definitely take us back to our old life, which we thought we had conquered. I believe there are certain means to overcome what is currently happening in the country. Let us engage in peaceful dialogue and maintain a free and peaceful society that does not destroy our own infrastructure.

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