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Tangibly, we have heard, seen and experienced all the labour signs signaling the contiguity of the kingdom of God. When God sent Moses to deliver the Israelites, He knew the impecuniousness they were subjected to in Egypt. On the spur of the moment, He told Moses that their cries and sufferings had been heard. Hence, it was a must that they be liberated. This brings me to the acumen of the fact that even God, in heaven, was so humble and rehearsed what was not susceptible, to inflict anguish to others.


There are things we cannot just deal with overnight. But they need our time, undivided focus and full dedication to nurture them to produce the desired results. Emphatically, familiarity is yet again to breed contempt to most citizens of this beautiful kingdom. The things regarded profane, blasphemous and idolatrous are now becoming natural and part of our norms and culture. Not only do people break the law intentionally, but they have also loosened their attitude towards real and sensitive issues. Sir Winston Churchill, who was  the  British Prime Minister around the 1940s, once said; “When there is no enemy from within, the enemy from outside cannot hurt you.”


By practicing what’s exceptional, we are attracting positivity, happiness and incredible results of our own actions from around us. This is real and a huge relief! We must not expect people to do good things to us, for us to act likewise to them. Instead all the time we should be persistent in doing what will make people not frown on us. Deluged by the atrocious effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, moral decay has steadily accelerated. We cannot turn a blind eye and pretend otherwise about the things that have adversely affected us. The way we act on every situation speaks volumes, not only about us but everyone around us as well. That’s why we must, by all means possible, try and demonstrate great passion in everything we endeavour in.


There are quite a number of unsophisticated reasons why we should always practice what is acceptable. First and foremost, God frowns upon wrongdoings.Sodom and Gomorrah were totally demolished, as a result of their lame deeds before God. Would we be ecstatic if we bring these aforementioned places here in the kingdom? God would really destroy us if we are not diligent enough. Actually, He hates sin! For peace sake, we should also not cease doing what’s good.

Before not doing what’s good and acceptable sucks its vigour from us, let’s make sure we promptly engage in what’s good. We cannot afford to be called worthless, unheeding bunches of puppets just because we are unable to live peaceful with one another. Let’s act now because tomorrow might be too late.

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