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There are opponents to the saving of the planet; believe it or not they exist. These are ferocious defenders of the burning of fossil fuels which have had drastic consequences on the environment. The earth is in danger from greedy and selfish individuals who care nothing about the world but their own bellies, health and safety. They are there and when they die they will leave others who will continue defending the destruction of the planet. But are they there? Oh yes, I mean individuals who fight for their children’s children and all the generations which will come after they have long left earth. And so the fight rages on. ‘Be the change you want to see’, once said Mahatma Gandhi.


But today what we have are leaders who claim to be proponents of saving the planet but they fly in their private jets and airplanes. “Why not remove the pole in your eye before removing the speck in my eye,” once said a Jewish Rabbi over 2 000 years ago, though I suspect that Gandhi learned something from this certain Rabbi. Though I must humbly admit that I am well aware of the fact that our leaders are still trying to find these better ways, these environmentally friendly ways of travelling so with that being said I am grateful that they are actively doing something.


So who will win the battle for the planet? To the subjective individual it seems clear that there is absolutely nothing significant they can do which can impact the entire world, which is, understandable. I mean honestly though, what can I do to stop global warming because I am just a pea in a pod. But to me, the wisdom of Solomon tells me that what the righteous desire shall be granted, well I have a certain desire to see the planet saved and I want to see change take place. Civilisation has done more harm than good.


We have children with great minds distracted by social media, laying on the couch, with a can of soft drink sipping away while sporadically glancing at the TV set, all this while the world around them is crumbling to pieces. Oh you know it’s true. I used to be one distracted by these things until I lost my phone. Without it I was forced into a corner, I had to read. It is in my reading that I came across books which display an earth in the balance, an earth in danger and I realised that it was good for me to lose my phone because now I am free from that ‘place’, that state of  mind, that life of spasmodically reaching for the phone like some kind of a robot.

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