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It is said the best way to narrate a truth is to pass it distinctly without implicating thy feelings. Ever since I was young, the culture of motivation has always been there and, in a big way, quite exercised to inculcate the zeal to do, or act as per the mandate to what is displayed at that moment. In a more open and plain understanding, when a child is to learn walking, talking and using his or her toys for recreation, they need motivation. The stark truth is, children tend to behave more like monkeys (figuratively speaking), what they see you do is what they will do. What they hear you say is what they may say, but rarely what you say they should do is what they will do. The culture of motivational talk doesn’t work on babies much; if that is the case, how can we sit around concerts, business meetings and listening to endless talks about how to make it when talk is all there is to it?

If the truth must be told, motivational talk may just be a way of pushing people into depression and anxiety, with the promise of success upon excess exertion of overtime and all the unrealistic inner power and tools one is told to find in themselves. The point is, you can’t motivate a person to hold onto pain with the promise of success and wealth at the end of the day when they will see you for two hours of their life and never again. I believe that the best form of motivation you can give to a person is the exact steps of how you got to the seat you’re at, how that expensive suite was attained and the correct ABCs to it.


It is tiring and undependable sitting around for hours listening to how a person, literally struggling with everything, should not give up the two jobs or the hardly paying side hustles because they might just pay off one day, that is wrong and unfair. If that is the motivation you’re getting then you’re going nowhere slowly. The point is, it is not about how hard you work or the sales speeches motivational speakers give to you that matter, no. As a child, you learnt walking by seeing your parents walk, you learnt talking by hearing your parents talk, and you also repeated exactly what they said, not mostly what they wanted you to say. True motivation should be in that nature too.

To know if you’re being led by a true leader, see them have nothing, follow the path from nothing and nowhere, see them struggle and starve for days for what they wanted and believed in, be with them in that pointless moment of pain and despair. This journey is assistive in finding base of your own strength and aura. If the light your follow in your light is pointed only where the hand holding it wishes or desires, then you must know you’re far from the truth. A true leader doesn’t let you in when the time is right for him, but he lets you in to the whole truth and flaws in order for the follower to follow with purpose and will to learn and improve than just following with the hope to shine on another’s expense. To conclude, it is said the first nine years of man builds him for his entire lifetime. The truth you seek is not entirely in power speeches and wonderful glitters, but the truth all of us seek is encoded inherently in us as our DNA. The truth of your own turnaround is found only in you and only you.

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