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The people of Eswatini are twisting and turning piteously in subdued pain. There is an unvoiced gnashing of teeth and a bitter forbearance, denuded, ridiculed and swindled on all fronts by an elaborated presence of nationhood to its detriment for far too long. The nation’s gifted youth has been forced to scavenge around the fringes of morality and legality. This is because they find themselves in a system that excludes them from their supposedly fellow citizens. There is an unnamed fear and semi-uncertain confusion in the country. There is also a semi-trembling presence that is real. It is as if there is always some creeping unexplainable, yet ever present but clearly unhealthy quivering of political and economic nerves.


Perplexity walks the land and with bold intimidating steps. This leaves me wondering when things will actually look up for Eswatini. Are we going to lament these inadequacies forever? When will respite come? When are we going to rest? Each time I sit back to ruminate on where Eswatini is and where she is supposed to be, my heart becomes giddy and melancholic. I am left wondering what has really gone wrong with this once beautiful and lovely country. At times the way we conduct ourselves towards each other is unbecoming, wicked and insensible. Nobody needs to tell us that the country is sick.

Then you ask; where are the beautiful and altruistic ideas for which emaSwati were once known for? Why have we allowed ourselves to be used by satan and his agents to perpetrate evil against our own people? Where have all leaders gone? Yes some of them are dead, but can’t we produce them in some, if not, all of us? Rather, what we have today are mainly opportunists who have no place in public service.


Where are all the men and women of good conscience, whose presence inspired hope to others? They walked the entire political spectra of this country spreading the good news of national unity without fear or shame. Unfortunately, their successors have squandered our common patrimony and left all of us desolate and disheartened. Those who govern us today do so with little care or love. The oath of office and allegiance administered on them on the day of their inauguration no longer means anything to them. Instead of serving people, as they pledged, the people now fight for the crumbs that fall from their table. God please cleanse our nation of the evil men and women who have vowed to destroy it and our people. They treat Eswatini and all that is in it like a leprous entity. They are not afraid of judgement day.


Things are really getting out of hand and Eswatini cannot continue the way it is going. We need to stand up and redeem the country from the forces of darkness. This is the time for pragmatic steps to be taken to reposition the kingdom and make it great again. This nation is mourning without ceasing. It is a fact and on record that emaSwati have remained sidelined in development initiatives. The nation has lived with this reality for very long now. The country lacks relevance in the sitting of impartial institutions and major drivers of our economic environment. It is mocked by the wretched profile of its most visible political actors. Whichever way you choose to look at it, there is course for misgivings about public administration in Eswatini.

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