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Last year people told me it was too early to judge or assess government. According to them judging and assessing government’s tenure was unfair since much could still happen in its remaining lifespan. But this year nobody can say it is out of place to assess government on what it has done or failed to do. Assessment is continuous so it is always important to look at the present while waiting for the future, making an update when the time comes, based on fresh or new developments.


Yes by the end of the year, government would be three years in office. The question therefore is; how has the current government faired? How have the actions and inactions of those in government impacted on the citizens? Has the vision of government been realised? Have the expectations of the people been met? For me this administration has not only failed to manage the expectations of a populace that expected  viable hospitals, a sound education institution, a friendly police service, a stable economy, but has failed to deliver on mundane matters when it had means to do so.


In a simple verdict, this government has not done well. Its failure to provide basic healthcare is a clear verdict that it has not done well and it’s a disappointment. Our hospitals are failing to deliver the service we need. EmaSwati embark on medical tourism because there is an outrageously calamitous situation in the health sector; the hospitals are just not working. Then there is of course the economy; where does one begin? The state of despondency in the country summarises the feelings of emaSwati who have experienced very tough times. Today the cost of living has shot up the roof. The standard of living has nose-dived to an all time low as people barely try to survive, cannot even afford the staple food that was common and taken for granted in the past.


The majority of people are disappointed. At times like these, they remember the skewed appointments into government positions that favour a section of the country. They see obvious marginalisation of the people. They see arrogance of those in power and those who think they own Eswatini. They see an incapable government which is battling to make Eswatini a better place to live. They see all this and wonder how a tiny clique of the nation is riding roughshod on them, doing what they please. They see all this. Today emaSwati are worse off.

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