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As emaSwati we need to understand the seriousness of the lockdown. We need to understand how deadly the coronavirus is. 

I know we sometimes take things lightly and even joke about them but it we are not careful we will find ourselves being forced to take the virus seriously once we lose a loved one because of it. 

A lot of powerful, wealthy and knowledgeable countries are suffering today and health workers are working hard day and night trying to curb the situation from getting worse. I am worried because of the way we, in the country, are behaving towards this virus.

 Are we not afraid of this virus?

Obviously we are not because people are still hugging their friends or relatives. 


This lockdown means everyone should stay indoors and be out and about when it absolutely necessary.

While at it we should ensure that children remain indoors at all times. The lockdown is meant to curb unnecessary movement thus reducing the number of people you come into contact with as this can be a major vehicle for transmitting the coronavirus. 

It has been proven that the virus moves from an individual to another in close proximity like other respiratory illnesses. 

Droplets of bodily fluids such as saliva or mucus from an infected person are dispersed into the air or onto surfaces through coughing or sneezing. 

These droplets can come into direct contact with other people or can infect those who pick them up by touching infected surfaces and then their faces.


In Eswatini the first coronavirus case was recorded on March 14 and soon thereafter the number rose to nine cases. 

Is that not a good enough sign that the virus can travel fast? Maybe the fatality rate is better than in other countries but the virus is still a significant threat to the kingdom. 

If we can look at what is happening in other countries that also did not take the virus seriously, people are being infected and dying in numbers. 

This alone should make us realise that the virus must be taken seriously and it shows that the virus is spreading very fast. 

We should not be blind to see the damage this virus is capable of causing in the country. 

We should not be deaf but we need to listen to what the authorities are saying regarding this pandemic and adhere to the instructions given. 

Indeed we are known as a good people but in this instance we have been very disappointing. 


Nevertheless, it is not too late to do the right thing by avoiding unnecessary movements. 

We need to stay at home and ensure that we are safe. 

Listen to and read the news daily as this is essential. Keep an independent mind about COVID-19. 

Taken from the WHO, if you feel symptoms more or related to the following; a dry cough, a temperature, tiredness, shortness of breath and aches and pains, please promptly visit the nearest hospital.

 Let’s unite, listen and join other countries in the fight against COVID-19. Stop unnecessary movements!


Phiwayinkosi Gift Dlamini

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