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As a country, COVID-19 has given us food for thought; whether we are prepared for such pandemics or not. Developed nations may say they have enough resources to tackle such situations but when it comes to physical and emotional security of children, they also have to be cautious because preparing children for such pandemics needs a lot of effort and apt planning. COVID-19 seems to be here to stay, therefore, it is the duty of parents to help them conform to what has become the ‘new normal’.

Since government has announced the reopening of schools on Monday, most pupils are excited, while others are uncertain about their safety. Due to this pandemic, the transition activities for pupils in completing classes this year will not be the same as usual.


Therefore, parents should take this time to prepare children for that. As adults, we are mature enough to control our emotions and can act patiently but immature minds are always perplexed and act in a very clingy way when some adverse situation is thrown at them. Children are ardent observers and act according to the reaction of those around them. It is difficult for them to conceal their behaviour.

During this crisis, when social distancing and refrained outdoor activities have brought children into a knotty situation, it is necessary that parents understand their fears and try to deal with their concerns in a polite way. The reopening of schools is a significant step but children are likely to have many questions regarding their safety. At this stage the role of parents and teachers needs to be redefined. The importance of the decisions taken by governing bodies should be explained to them in an effective way, so that they do not panic.


For a child, going to school amid this pandemic means dealing with a lot of new things. There are a lot of unknowns, and this can become stressful for some children. To reduce the stress of the unusual, parents need to talk to them and answer their questions.

Parents need to keep reminding children about sanitary guidelines: cough on your elbow, wash your hands frequently, stay two metres away from others and avoid hugging their friends. It is recommended to familiarise children with face masks by letting them play with one and getting them used to see their parents wearing one. Parents should not leave this to teachers only. Teachers need to explain the new rules to pupils during the first days of classes.


It is understandable that parents have to deal with a lot of new things, especially since no one knows what will transpire as a result of reopening schools during this pandemic. Some parents might be considering not sending their children to school. It is normal to be worried but parents need to talk about their worries with other adults and not in front of their children to avoid stressing them too. Everything a child hears about school should be positive.

Parents should know that, even without this pandemic, going to school for children is a stressful event. It’s good to bear in mind that children have the capacity to adapt to new environments, and with proper support from parents, it becomes even easier. Even though going back to school is not mandatory, it is a crucial step in a child’s life. Parents must play a crucial role in preparing their children for the reopening of schools.

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