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It is my greatest wish that those in authority would listen to the cries of the people. As we highlight whatever wrong we see, it is not because we want to vilify certain individuals but highlighting the difficulties faced by people due to decisions of those in authority. We expect them to take notice and act accordingly. Wrong decisions have a great impact on the lives of the people such that they even disturb the future of some people. This then also goes a long way in impacting even the future of the country itself. An example is the lack of scholarships for qualifying students. In my opinion it is not a justifiable excuse that government does not have money to pay for these students.


This is more so because government is now collecting money from those owing it and therefore it has money that it did not have in the past. That should automatically mean that more children will be paid for. If there is no money to pay for these students then someone somewhere must be blamed for taking wrong decisions. What led to the lack of money should be identified and rectified so that it never happens again. That government is paying for primary education should not be an excuse because that should have been budgeted for.


If one were to look around the country it is sickening to see some projects that are lying idle. Trying to look into the cause you notice that wrong decisions were made and we are now in a mess. It is embarrassing that the Sicunusa - Nhlangano road is still not finished. This is a road that was discussed and budgeted for. Funds to work and finish it were discussed and a plan was made. I do not want to believe that government would have started the project without knowing how it would fund it.

What is more disturbing is that money was paid for this road. If it is not finished that means money went down the drain and that money could have done something else for the country. I was even made to understand that this road is already costing us huge amounts as it is. My fear now extends to the Manzini - Mbadlane road.

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