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Real men do not abuse their wives but instead they talk to them if they see things differently. Men have a responsibility to protect children and women from abuse. Abuse is abuse whether it is physical or emotional.

In our society men should be the protectors. Most of the children who witness abuse in their homes grow up to be violent because they think that violence is the only way to resolve issues. Men should always acknowledge the important role played by women in society. They should always show them love and treat them with respect at all times. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.


Men have to be responsible by reconciling with their spouses and children to have peace of mind in their homes. Stability leads to prosperity and a stable society. Where there is peace there is stability. What is even worse is that in some cases the children are even abused by their relatives. Your voice and campaigns against women and children abuse can change things in your communities.

Let us stand up as a country and say no to the abuse of women and children. Courts should not grant abusers bail. Women who remain in abuse marriages for the sake of their children are not like ordinary women. I will continue raising my concerns as a Swazi citizen whether people like it or not. There are no rewards for people who stand up and tell the truth.


Children need to be raised in a stable family. Women should not hide abuse when it happens in their homes. They should know that it is preventable. Victims should report the abuse to the police and further assist them when they investigate it.

Women must stand their ground even in most difficult and trying times. The issue of abuse should be collectively addressed by all. Women should join hands to stop the abuse of other women and children. They should protect each other irrespective of their differences.

Edwin Dlamini

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