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If someone has not committed suicide then the news is about loved ones being killed. What haunts my cognisance is safety in our motherland, as we are blatantly failing to live in harmony with each other yet we are all equal inhabitants of the land. It becomes very heart-wrenching when such takes place between people who claimed to be in love. Does this mean emaSwati do not know human rights? The right to live is the most crucial of all human rights. Some people think that having the power and the capability to end one’s life may mean having the authority to kill.


All we need is respect for human rights and universal humanitarian values. Gone are the ancient days where, in order to solve matters between two parties, blood was to be spilt. Through peaceful dialogue, the ends can be made to meet. In a love relationship, communication is the main tool of keeping it alive and maximising survival during difficult times.


Our culture provides good platforms where misunderstandings between couples can be solved, therefore, I do not see the point of people taking matters into their own hands, especially men. Murdering another person or committing suicide will never solve the problems you have in your relationship, but will bring about temporary relief that will make matters worse.
People in the communities need to be re-educated and be reminded that it is an offence to kill regardless of who you kill. I plead with all the men out there to stop using force in order to solve problems. If you can’t manage to solve your problems peacefully, seek professional counselling. Going for a counselling session does not make one a lesser man, but it is a sign of boldness and bravery that you have taken action against the things that are detriment to your welfare.

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