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It is agonising and painful to see the great efforts of our beloved King being used as a prospect to demolish and undermine the intelligently acquired liberation of the nation by Asians and Chinese employers, among others, particularly in Mbabane and Manzini.

In the absence of proper government inspection of these mushrooming businesses, the efforts of the King are used in the re-establishment of slavery of Eswatini people by these foreign employers.

Our beloved relatives are suffering a great deal in the hands of church ministries, clothing and grocery shops owners that are all over town.
This is especially evident in Mbabane and Manzini where our beloved brothers and sisters are taken advantage of by their arrogant bosses.

Their employment assurance is if the employers have hold of their national ID cards which I doubt is lawful. No contracts signed, no other document at all apart from them handing over their ID cards to these foreign bosses.
If they have pressing needs that require their ID cards, they are completely shut out of enjoying such services.

To one’s amusement, some have been fired on the spot for asking for their ID cards. Some have been asked not to go to hospital if they want their jobs.
No wonder in one popular clothing shop in Mbabane; for over five years now there has been a paper posted on the window advertising employment of ladies aged between 18 and 22 years old.

One may ask what happened to those hired five years ago when the paper was first placed on the window.


At the shops they are made to work as long as 10 hours a day with only a 15-minute break behind the counters for lunch. If they are given off days a month it is only one day for the whole duration of the month.

When watching from afar one may think that they earn a lot yet they each work 300 hours a month for only E800, which when you do the math is E2.65 per hour (that is for lowest paid individuals at this particular shop).

What should they do? They are not well educated on their personal rights, they do not have proper employment documents that may help them even if they were to take their employers to court.

They need the money and are made slaves of the new generation. If only government could look into these mushrooming businesses as well as the so called ‘church ministries’ and make sure that they don’t infringe on people’s rights in the workplaces.

Voice for the weak

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