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It is no longer shocking that a recently wedded couple is now filing for divorce; it has since become common for people to be in open relationships where it is fine for each one of them to ‘date’ other people – just as long as they stick to the ‘ground rules’.

Our children have become strangers, yet still living under our roof and still totally financially dependent on us.
Most youth have become friends with people from all over the world – some cannot even survive an hour without ‘chatting’ to this friend whom they have never met physically; yet are so intimately involved.

Not a single day goes by in Eswatini without someone being brutally beaten, sexually molested or even violated financially, emotionally, spiritually and even ethically.

Do we still even have values, morals and ethics in the country or the world in general? Why do our young sons date older women? Why do wives beat up their husbands? Why do church leaders crook us in broad daylight?

Why are we so addicted to these toxic mood enhancing substances eg a fix of dope, a glass of this, a tot of that or better still a puff of something with the intention of feeling ‘better’ or just to relax us and make us feel alive again!


Why are drug dealers one of the richest people lately? Why are we in so much debt? Why are our role models being investigated for fraud related activities? Why has the juvenile school become a parent’s greatest solution? Why why why?

I sure have the answers; and so do you; however; we all know that this behavior is certainly leading us to disaster.
We all know that there is a better way out; there is a better and more effective approach that you can use to attain the same goal you are trying to get to by engaging in what I call ‘ill behavior’.

I am also aware that as much as there is a better solution; it is indeed quite hard to implement it. In fact; a number of us have tried to do good; only to fail dismally; so this seems to be working better for us.

My questions though are; for how long will we be in debt, for how long will we be so frustrated, for how long will we escape death, for how long will we be in misery, for how long will we hate yourself and be bullied by guilt?

Consequences will soon catch up with us; if they haven’t already. Let’s work together in finding ourselves, claiming our ‘great lives’ back; and most importantly, let us start today and shape our better tomorrow!

We all know it’s possible. We just have to accept and embrace our situations; forgive ourselves and others; let go of the past; and rather learn something positive about our (never to be repeated) mistakes, one day at a time; help is available; the power is within us.


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