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Relationships are the glue that holds families, communities and nations together. Without positive relationships individuals, families, communities and even nations won’t be able to significantly progress. One of the reasons Africa is poor is because of the failure of its countries to relate and effectively connect with one another. Its people are disconnected from each other through tribalism and nepotism. Greed and jealousy has caused people to be disjointed. Lack of cooperate vision has caused us to pull and move in different directions. United we stand and progress, divided we will always fall and remain in poverty. When it comes to relationships, we must start at the point of respecting and intentionally putting value on other people.


In human relations you can’t secretly look down upon people because of the colour of their skin, their culture, their status in life, or their religion and still be able to make them feel valuable. Understanding people puts you in a position of influence in every sphere of life.  Usually what most people need is to be listened to, respected, valued and understood. We must therefore endeavor to understand people, how they think, what and how they feel, what inspires them, how they process information, and how they act or react in a given circumstance.


We must never be opinionated against or afraid to listen to other people’s ideas or how other people do things. In relationships, it is important to try to see things from other people’s perspectives, and then learn to recognise and appreciate the differences. The differences actually add beauty and strength to human relations. Relationships with people bring forth great memories, yet also our most difficult, painful, hurtful and tragic experiences are with people. One of the greatest challenges of life is to keep on loving and caring for people even when you know that they may turn against you, accuse you, betray you, unceremoniously walk away from you, gossip about your weaknesses and forget about all your care and love. All human beings are imperfect, flawed and have weak points. Understanding this will help us navigate around human flaws. Patience and perseverance are the virtues required to navigate around great human beings with flaws. Dealing with humans is very challenging, we need to persevere and be determined to make relationships work at different levels.

We therefore must make a choice to understand people and the dynamics that govern relationships. Actually all of us possess the capability to understand, motivate and positively influence others. The world would be a better place if all of us made a choice to consistently cultivate the ability to positively work with one another at family, community and national levels.

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