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The concept of ‘racial superiority is not new, it has actually existed for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, for example, it is thought that the disciples of Horus were a superior aristocratic castle of people who, owing to their supposed divine’ origins held the highest positions of power.

Many historians that the Shemsu Hor descended from ‘god-men’who were said to be from Atlantis.
The assumption that some humans are superior than others, however, is still around, even in this day and age. It was the reason why Germany’s Nazis attempted to cleanse the earth of the so-called ‘sub-human’ races. Apparently, they posed a threat to the ‘racial purity’ of the superior Aran race.

But while some ‘white supremacist’ groups believe that they are the closest living relatives of the ‘Aran god-men’ from Atlantis and that religion (Judeo-Christianity) is a Jewish invention meant to subjugate the ‘white race, other white supremacist groups actually believe that there is Biblical basis to support their delusional ideology.

There are various movements in the West, which claim that the Nordic, Anglo Saxon and Germanic people of Northern Europe, North America and Australia, are actually descendants of the lost tribes of the ancient Northern Jewish Kingdom of Israel. The ‘Nordic Israelism’ and ‘Brit-Am’ movements are of the view that they (whites) are in fact Israelites or the chosen people, while the Jewish people of Israel are supposedly mostly ‘fake imposters’.

They believe that God Himself gave them the divine right to rule the planet, and point to Genesis 48: 18-19 in the Bible to support their claims.
History, however, tells us that the white people of Europe actually descended from the Saythians, Cimmericans and Askuza from the Middle East and Anatolian regions of present day Turkey, who then migrated to Europe, where they became known as Anglo- Sacons historians, however, think that the Celtic people of Europe descended from Arjan demi-gods called the ‘Tiratha de Denaan’ who apparently settled in Ireland after the destruction of their island civilisation (Atlantis) in a flood.

They are also of the view that the Hindu religion actually began in Europe with the Celtic people, who later invaded countries like Egypt and India, where they are said to have imposed their religion, before eventually returning to their European homeland.

It is thought that the Irish and Scottish people of the British Isles are actually the descendants of the Egyptian princess Nefertiti, who is said to have returned to her ancestral homeland of Europe, where she is believed to be buried.
It is a fact that the druid culture of the Celtic people shared many similarities with the Vedic one of India, such as the caste system and also the Swastika symbol, which was made famous by the Nazis.

According to the Bible (Revelations 3:9), all human beings were made in the image of God.

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