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Scientists will often point to the skeletons of dinosaurs and other creatures as evidence that life on earth supposedly evolved from ‘primordial soup’. Because there is no mention of such creatures in the Bible, then the Bible must be wrong about our origins. However, the Bible does not mention anything about cats, sharks, crocodiles or monkeys either, except to mention that animals should be treated in a humane way, and that cruelty is the work of the wicked. What scientists neglect to mention, however, is that ancient human footprints have also been discovered alongside some of the footprints left behind by the dinosaurs. This can only mean one thing – that humans and dinosaurs once coexisted on earth before the great flood. While there is no mention of dinosaurs in the Bible, we are told that when the fallen angels came to earth after being expelled from heaven, they sinned against humans and animals alike.
This resulted in the appearance of strange creatures (leviathans) which were gigantic in stature.

We are told that the offspring of the fallen angels who interbred with humans were giants called the nephelim. What many people might consider to be strange, though, is the lack of skeletal evidence to prove that such creatures ever existed, more especially because there is no shortage of evidence which proves that dinosaurs were real. But if one wants evidence then one has to search for it. While scientists are quick to provide dubious fabricated evidence for evolution, such as the ape-like Piltdown man or Java man, they are not so quick to provide evidence for giants, such as South Africa’s Heidelberg man, which consists of giant leg bone recovered from a mine in Namibia. According to Professor Francis Thackeray, the bone belonged to an individual who would have stood at about 3.5 metres tall (the height of a double storey building).

While you will not find any mention of the Heidelberg man in most science textbooks, the bone is said to be locked away in the vaults of Wits University in Johannesburg. I can only think of only one reason why this evidence which validates the biblical story of the nephelim giants would be hidden away from the public – because it flies in the face of the delusional ‘theory of evolution’ and proves that the Bible is correct about our true origins. It also validates the historical ‘legends’ about such giants, such as those of the Hopi Indians of North America

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