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Fifty years after independence, Eswatini lies wrecked and wobbled. A country that breathed much hope and inspiration 50 years ago, is today a sad and regrettable instance of what a nation should not be.

Eswatini is today a land of endless tears and misery. It is a country that best typifies human failure. It is a country that the failure of humanity and its case is worsened by the loss of hope that things may ever get better again. It is so bad that a majority of emaSwati don’t even know when independence day is because it really means nothing to their lives.

The lofty dream of a small country that would stamp its feet in the comity of nations in record time has been destroyed. Rich in national resources and educated people who showed promise to be a force in the world, there is no reason to see Eswatini in the storm tossed State it is today. Sadly, 50 years later, Eswatini cuts a sorry image of a caricature of a nation as unbridled corruption and graft continue to freely ravage the country and its citizens. All the high hopes, the lofty dreams and aspirations that heralded independence, have all percolated, leaving a fractured insecure and predatory nation.

The kingdom is a sprawling land of tears, where insecurity, poverty, disease and untamed want have combined to make mincemeat of a hopeless and hapless citizenry. No bond of unity, no philosophy and no ethos hold the disparate tendencies that were bonded to form the country. Life continues to worsen as all economic indices veer towards regression, even with increased revenue. On its 50th birthday, life looks dreary and gloomy for emaSwati as over 60 per cent of them live in abject poverty.

With politicians who fire the ambers of corruption, official graft and public stealing, the country holds no credible hope of revival from the atrophy that shackles it at present. Unemployment has reached bestial heights as industrial mortality and investment flight riddle the economic space.

The education and health sectors experience unceasing decay while the vicious circle of poverty makes its unimpeded rounds across the length and breadth of the country.
Eswatini cannot guarantee fairly stable governance. At 50 years, the country has irrevocably broken down as it holds no hope for its teeming citizenry. It is a story of wasted opportunities and it is a depiction of a house that is falling.

Colleen M

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