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I am saddened and dismayed at the conduct of ‘government’ of coercing people of Eswatini to partake in local elections as this is contrary to democracy if we indeed in essence regard ourselves as a democratic country.

During the nominations, the country saw police officers raiding and forcing the closure of about 10 churches in a particular community to boost the numbers at nomination stations.

Such actions by the security men are not only undermining the Almighty but also unacceptable in a truly democratic society. 
People know what to do, when and how, on top of that they have a right to choose their next line of action, thus they chose going to church. What the police did was intimidation and forceful participation.

They should cease doing such, their duty is to offer security not to mobilise for
nominees. Their supervisor should address this firmly and disciplinary actions are needed. They were there to ensure peace and order not as campaign managers. If need be, they should be re-taught policing.

Also the banning of all activities by the Election and Boundaries Commission on August 24-25 following complaints from nominees at Gilgal, Siphofaneni and Nkilongo Inkundla about an event by popular DJ Tira of South Africa at Big Bend is not welcomed. It is abuse of exaggerated power by the EBC, before we know it they will proclaim that weekend a public holiday.

The people of Eswatini have a right to choose and know their responsibility on the elections. The event is only in the evening; the fear of the unknown by these nominees should not cause you to exercise powers that you don’t have please. Let the Eswatini youth choose what they like and
responsibly so.

Mountain View

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