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I am a proud young man and a concerned citizen of the Kingdom of Eswatini. I am determined to change the whole world and that is if it is delighted to change. I will not keep quiet and watch the people of this country being destroyed by undetermined individuals, individuals who are only out to look out for themselves without a care for others. No matter what, I will always voice out my concerns and share with people of this beautiful nation.

Conditions are very bad in this country and they are seemingly getting worse with each passing day. A majority of emaSwati are corrupt through and through. And they are even not ashamed of it.

Even people occupying senior posts in government, and even the private sector for that matter, are busy with corrupt tendencies. The ones we think will do their utmost best to develop the country are the very same people who are hell bent on pulling the country down without a care for the underprivileged masses. This leaves the country vulnerable with no one to develop it and you will hear government continuously telling us that the country is in a financial crisis.

Corruption have become a huge problem and there should be something done about it.
The so called educated individuals of this country are the ones who are the most corrupt. I now understand why they are always happy and their children spending money as if they are sons and daughters of billionaires. They earn big salaries but they still want to accumulate a lot more.

Can somebody please tell me why? Is it jealousy or what? I am confused. They take government’s money like nobody’s business. It has now become a norm such that you will hear that someone has been found guilty of corruption.
It is very naive that South Africa will ever consider adopting Eswatini as its 10th province.

Our great grandparents were not educated but they developed the country, yet the educated people of the country are failing.
They think they know everything yet they light candles and bulbs whenever the sun goes down.

What needs to be done for more people to be found guilty of corruption? That is the biggest question but with an obvious answer; jail those people found to be corrupt. My concern now is that how will the nation’s money be regained. Will jailing those persons bring the money back? I don’t think so.

Maybe heavy laws that will curb corruption should be enacted. A majority of emaSwati are suffering because of corruption and now we should say enough is enough. It’s time to correct the mistakes of the past and find alternative means to deal with corruption. The ball is in our court, it is time to work hand in hand and stop pointing fingers, which will not help.

S Mhlanga

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