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Kindly allow me space in your widely read publication to voice out my humble concern regarding the high rate of dumping in our beautiful country.
The heavens have blessed us and we are receiving the much needed rains in most parts of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

The rains have brought so much relief to our drought-stricken country. Everybody knows that water is life but that it can be deadly if we do not act responsibly.
That is why I am encouraging all citizens of our country to learn to keep our rivers clean and clear to ensure that the water flows freely and is healthy enough to be used.
Using our rivers and streams as dumping sites leads to flooding as rubbish blocks the natural flow and forces the water to find alternative courses.

Flooding is a disaster because roads and homes are then destroyed. The rubbish in our rivers and streams also leads to the blockade of canals and bridges which leads to the destruction of infrastructure.
This is because the bridges and roads are destroyed by the resulting floods. Floods sweep away anything in the path of the water, including people, animals, trees, infrastructure and private property.
Keeping our rivers clean and free from pollution has healthy benefits as it prevents the outbreak of waterborne diseases.

As the rain falls, the rivers come back to life and flow again, taking everything in their path.
It is crucial that we do not dump any waste in our rivers and streams. We recently lost some precious lives due to floods after the rubbish blocked canals and then the water forced its own way over the bridges and roads.So my beautiful EmaSwati, let us keep our water resources as clean as possible to avoid unnecessary disasters.


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