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I write this letter to pass my thoughts and beliefs on the country’s vision, vision 2022 and further share my personal recommendations as a Swazi citizen. First, I would love to pass my disappointments on how many people regard the vision as the King’s vision, yet this should be our vision as a nation.

Achieving First World status is not a one man’s job but each and every Swazi citizen has a mandate to either be willing to compromise or work harder towards contributing to the economy.

Without straying, vision 2022 is possible and achievable but a lot has to be done in a limited period. The national elections are around the corner and it is the last chance we have as a country in terms of assigning the right people into Parliament. The people to be elected into power for the next five-year period will be the main drivers of our economy towards the First World or further down the poverty lane. It’s about time that we as citizens and the owners of the land make right choices in terms of choosing the best leaders with the necessary skills to propel us forward.

Things are changing and countries are moving quicker towards economic freedom and it’s either we catch up or we will forever rely on handouts from other countries. It is about time that we revolutionise from the ancient ways at which we conduct our elections and also when selecting key players in our economy. A poet once said; “How is that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be the education.”

Education has the ability to liberate one’s mind and enable him or her to think, criticize and make good decisions. Even the lousiest job these days requires a minimum qualification of at least a Form V certificate because education does open up a person’s scope. If our government would be made up of philosophers and masters holders in different fields of specialties, the country would be ahead into achieving First World status. Many Swazi citizens are getting more and more educated and it is very saddening to have national decision makers less educated than the people they take decisions on their behalf.

Swaziland cannot progress if a person is given a five-year term to make decisions on the country’s economy just because he bought food parcels and distributed among the needy during the campaigning period. Parliament is every country’s power house, and unless we put the right people in there, we will never progress.

It is about time we start giving the wheel to the youth because after all, the future belongs to them. There is nothing better than letting a person create his own destiny than letting one who has lived 90 per cent of his life to create other people’s destiny. More than 70 per cent of the youth is unemployed, mainly because no one cares about creating jobs for them.

Most parliamentarians do not even know half the challenges faced by our youth. It is about time we vote for people who know what the youth is facing and be willing to work hard towards job creation, while improving the economy. A writer once wrote that ‘older men and leaders can declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die’. A milestone has been placed before us as Swazis, and unless we get the young, educated and energetic leaders to fight, we shall all die poor.

Mbiva Bhembe

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