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Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666 (Revelation 13:18 NKJV).

The aforementioned text presents to us the final attribute of the sea beast of Rev 13. The beast has a number and this number is the number of a man. The beast is also guilty of blasphemy against God, the changing of God’s law and the persecution of God’s people (Rev 13:5-7). It’s important to keep in mind that Revelation is a book filled with symbols, when the book of Revelation talks about beasts, the ‘beast’ symbolises a kingdom or a nation.

Note very well that ‘666’ is not the ‘mark of the beast’, but is an identifier; something that helps us identify who or what that beast is.
There is a striking resemblance between this beast and the dragon in Revelation 12. They both have ‘seven heads and 10 horns’. The dragon is satan working through pagan nations and the sea beast in Revelation 13 again symbolises satan working in disguise, using the Romans to persecute God’s people.

In 538 AD, the Roman emperor, Justinian, issued a decree, proclaiming the pope to be supreme in religious matters.
Since then, the pope has assumed the same powers that were previously held by the Roman emperors. The pope inherited the power, prestige and the titles of the Roman emperors. The most significant of such titles is Pontifex Maximus, a pagan title that means ‘Bridge builder between heaven and Earth’. 

During the Roman times, it was customary to speak of a person’s number. This number was obtained by adding the values of the Roman numerals in a person’s name. If the letter had no value, the value of zero was assigned. For example, the value of ‘I’ is one; the value of ‘V’ is five and the value of ‘X’ is 10.

There was no ‘U’ in the Latin alphabet; the letter ‘V’ is the correct letter. (This is the reason why sometimes inscriptions on older public buildings use a ‘V’ instead of ‘U’. The Romans use the official title Vicarius Filii Dei to describe the pope. Translated from Latin, it means the pope is the vicar or substitute of the Son of God. This is inscribed on his crown; and if you take the letters of this title and add the Roman numerals together they add up to 666, exactly as predicted in Revelation 13:18. In these Latin words there are two Vs, which denote five, six Is denoting one, one C which denotes 100, one L, which denotes 50, and one D, which denotes 500, thus, V,V=10; I,I,I,I,I,I=6; C=100; L=50; and D=500, the sum 666.

Dear readers, the heart of God is filled with love for this planet. A loving God sent His Son to redeem us. A loving, compassionate God reaches out to us in daily concern. A loving God is coming again for us. He will put an end to sickness, disease, sorrow, hunger, pain and death. God’s love is revealed in gentle pleading to our hearts.

It is also revealed in such solemn warnings that are found in Revelation. The book of Revelation reveals the plans of God and unmasks the delusions of the enemy. Every person has a choice and our eternal destiny hinges upon the choices we make. (For more insights on the book of Revelation like our Facebook page … Present truth-Swaziland)

Bopoto Gwinyai (7663 8191)

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