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While I was undertaking several motivational talks this past Russian winter, I was mesmerized by the dreams, aspirations and goals young people have.

Believe it or not, the future of our country is clearly bright, only if we are going to stand up as a nation and empower our own children.
The time of us waiting for ‘boNkosazana’ to come and empower our own children has to come to an end.

Swazis say ‘ligotjwa lisemanti’, of which God says, in Proverbs 22:6; “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it,” NLT version. Let us come close to our childen, recognise their talents , dreams and goals at their tender age and then guide them , support them and give them all what they need to achieving them.

You empower a child; you have empowered the whole nation. Let us stop being stereotyped because we are burying our children’s dreams.
Let us empower children even when it looks they do not understand anything because they actually pick very well at that age, recognise their talents and then nurture and support them. 

If this country is going to experience change with the King’s Vision 2022, it will be by the same young people the country ignores and does not take priority in nurturing and empowering.

Children are not future leaders, they are current leaders. Let us practically involve our children in things that will help them nurture and pursue their dreams.

A tree is not strong because of how big or tall it is but because of how deep the roots are, in that way it survives the storm and the wind.
If our children are well empowered, motivated and well nurtured and well guided, we are sure of a healthy and economically stable future of Swaziland.
Dr Senzo Mndzebele

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