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A mistake is a mistake; it is something that we actually do either intentionally or accidentally.
My question is; why beat yourself up over a mistake that you never meant to commit?
Some mistakes determine how careless we can be; so to avoid silly mistakes that may bring a negative impact in your life here are some tips;

1. When given a task give it your whole attention.
2. Be organised.
3. Seek advice from your mentor.
4. Look for loopholes and close them.
5. Personally deliver the task to prevent any sabotage.

It is an undeniable fact that not all people wish to see you succeed, I mean not all people love to see you become better than them so the best and reliable way of avoiding these kinds of mistakes is to stick to the basics.
Most times these errors are even more frustrating because you understood the concept, you thought through the problem, planned your attack and you were confident that you were doing everything right; hence we call them silly or stupid mistakes.
Do not despair, with a little reflection and focus we can eliminate this.
After all, this is a natural human tendency that we have to fight. We fail not because we don’t know but because of the silly mistakes we make. We drop our guard when we see the finish line, we relax, we drop our focus and rush things; all of which do not help us to succeed.

So when you see the finish line focus even more; don’t drop your guard. Know that everyone has a tendency to slack off near the end; so don’t be those people.
It is a well known fact that people are naturally prone to making silly mistakes and most of them can be fixed effortlessly; so get better at noticing when something has the potential to go wrong. Furthermore, learn from your mistakes because every mistake made is an opportunity to revise the process, however, if you do not learn from your mistakes they will keep creeping in your work as well as in your life.

Allow yourself to move on because it is not the end of the road.
Lastly be conscious of what you are doing and look for a way of doing it safely; have your own strategy of tackling a challenge; review your work and put an end to egoism and ask for help wherever possible even from younger people than you.

W Gamedze

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