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Homo sapiens have evolved to the top of the food chain. This is primarily due to their evolution trade for a bigger brain size in exchange for muscles and physical strength. This has led to mankind having virtually no predators that rely on human beings as their main food source.

This, in relation, with Charles Darwin’s natural selection and survival of the fittest law of nature, has resulted in human population growing beyond what the resources can support.

Being intellectual organisms we evolved the free enterprise system to promote growth of resources, recycling and efficient usage. The free enterprise system is, however, also responsible for throwing people under the bus if they are not productive in society.
In the free enterprise market you are forced out of the market if you refuse to evolve with times. The major evolution trait that has led human beings to be where they are today is using brain power as opposed to physical power to approach problems.

Evolution is something that happened many years ago and is irrelevant today, one may think. That is a wrong perception altogether.
Evolution is not about one organism undergoing all the evolution traits rather it’s about surviving long enough to pass on your genes and enable your offspring to survive until maturity themselves. This leads back to you. What are you doing with your brain? How much capacity of your brain are you using?

What are your goals of using your brain the way you use it? Have you explored other ways in which you can use your brain? Really how much accomplishment can your brain achieve? I am neither a psychologist nor a person with medical background but I am just a guy trying to use his brains for the benefit of mankind in any way I can think of.
 I am not educated; I don’t have relatives or friends in the right positions to get connections. These are just obstacles one may be facing and they are beyond his/her control.

Unfortunately that’s the other side of free enterprise; adapt or die. Everybody is facing some kind of problem of his/her own and the amount of stress is by no standards the same.

So it seems human kind is headed for a dead end with no solution on the horizon, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. The law favours the rich and the cost of living is shooting sky high. There is no hope for the impoverished and vulnerable, it’s a vicious cycle. It’s painful but it’s the reality everybody has to live with.

What you don’t necessarily have to live with is to remain in that position for the rest of your life. You may think that there’s no hope for you because you basically have nothing to start with and your debt is way above your earnings.

You don’t have time, you’re too busy. The baby is yours to carry. The only thing I want to remind you today is stop kidding yourself. If your brain is fully functional then you have everything to start your way out of your pit of shame and self pity.

Phila Fortune Dlamini
(7635 4912/ 7978 4347)

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