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I have always thought that my education was something that no one could ever take from me, but all that has changed. I am wondering how the country’s ministers of labour and education go to sleep knowing that the dreams of about 900 students are being shattered.
One of the ministers is on record saying that a report mentioned that students from the Swaziland Christian University (SCU) know only to inject dolls. This surprised me because the report by the Swaziland Higher Education Council (SHEC) said the nursing department of the institution was approved.

Another minister shocked me when she mentioned in Parliament that there were students who had registered for first year at SCU. When our ministers talk like this I then ask myself as to where this country is going to.

My wish is that the ministers who are working on the issue will tell the public the truth and stop this propaganda act. Some of them are known to be Christian which is why I did not expect them to act like this. I am wondering what the students have done to the believers of the Free Evangelical Assemblies, these being Minister of Health Sibongle Simelane, Minister of ICT Dumisani Ndlangamandla and that of Commerce, Industry and Trade Jabulani Mabuza. I am asking this question because the way they reacted in Parliament when the issue was discussed left me confused.

I even wonder if you discussed it in your church that you do not want others to prosper. Anyway, I do not know how you read the Bible but as Christians I know that all of you own one so just read the Ten Commandments and meditate about the verse which reads, “Thou shall not lie.”

You can also read Proverbs 19 verse 9. For Christ’s sake this institution was going to rescue the troubled Ministry of Health by producing some of the much needed health experts!

As for the Minister of Education and Training, I am pleading with you Sir to come out clear on what exactly you want from the institution and stop saying that there is nothing convincing for it to resume operations. Just mention the things that you want to find at the institution. For example, if in the nursing lab you were expecting to find a stethoscope and you did not just state it.

We were also shocked with the allegations that our lecturers are not qualified  because they are the same lecturers who had previously been employed by other local institutions like UNISWA, SCOT and SANU to mention a few. So are you saying that all these institutions have unqualified lecturers?

We know that we can not reverse the decision to halt the operations of the university because we do not have the authority but we also know that there is someone above all, who sees us and hears our prayers. It might not be today or tomorrow but he promised us in Proverbs 11 verse 21 to be assured that those who do wrong to us will not go unpunished.

SCU completing student

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