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Every day we lose our loved ones and we are left heartbroken and shattered; why? Yes you never had parents while growing up but that didn’t stop you from growing up.

You loved so much and they betrayed you. You invested so much in a business and they defrauded you. You failed exams, don’t give up.
You don’t find a job, don’t give up. You are owing everyone and you no longer earn a cent. Each and every day you’re living in agony, but suicide is never an option.

Everyone faces challenges in life and some have faced challenges even worse than yours, but they managed.
Whatever life throws at you is not meant to kill you but some challenges are there to push us to your purpose.
When one door closes another one opens but the problem is that we spend more time thinking about the closed door. Life doesn’t give you what you can’t beat, just

that we undermine our capabilities and submit to failure.
No one is a failure; everyone is a conqueror and has dominion over earthly things. Before giving up just try one more time; before giving up just consult someone who can help you; before giving up just confide in someone you trust and see if you can’t get help.

Religion teaches us about life after death and the sinful act of taking your life. Before you make up your mind about taking your life just think about the people you are leaving behind: family, friends, your loved ones and the development of the country.

You are an asset and the world needs you. Your dreams and aspirations can change the world or spark a mind that will change the world for the better.
Life is a journey and you will face hurdles every day but you have to try and leap over them.

You are born for greatness and don’t let anything stop you from achieving that. In life we meet people and they are either a blessing or a lesson.

 Learn from every disappointment and press forward to your destiny. Never repeat the same mistakes again and face the same disappointments.

Abdullah Shongwe
Dvokolwako High School

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