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I think Swaziland is a country with great potential. The rich soils allow this country to grow one of the best marijuana strains in the world. In fact the country has a favourable agricultural sector.
What concerns me is that we do not take advantage of this. Marijuana has been proven to be more than just a drug used for recreational use.

The hemp plant could assist in eliminating non-biodegradable plastics and cars by building cars made from hemp with a plastic hemp car body that can withstand a blow 10 times as great as steel without denting and weighs less than steel. Hemp production could eliminate deforestation by converting current paper to hemp paper which can be recycled up to eight times as compared to wood pulp, which is only recyclable up to three times. This quality of hemp paper is also superior to tree-based paper.
Hemp paper has been proven to last hundreds of years without degrading and can be recycled many more times than tree-based paper. Lastly hemp paper requires less toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process than paper made from trees.

Hemp seeds could be fed to our animals and livestock as they contain beneficial omega fatty acids and amino acids and more than any other source.
The seeds can be used in a number of food dishes in baking, prepared as tea, any type of food like ice cream and milk. Chemicals in cannabis can be used in medicines and are estimated to treat around 250 diseases and illnesses, from which studies have shown inhibits the growth of cancer cells in rats, as well as a long list of other ailments.

Finally, we could make an estimated 50 000 products or so from this plant while keeping it controlled and I am of the opinion that if Swaziland put some resources into hemp research on the uses and benefits of this plant we would be stunned.
If the country grew industrial hemp it could save the environment, boost Swaziland’s economy and improve the health and well-being of Swazis.

J J Tsabedze

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