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For as much as we are trying to embrace our heritage, it seems like we will reach a point where we will rebel against these people who behave in this uncouth manner.

These men who are changing this culture into a circus of corruption (bafuna kwengciswa nga E70) and authorised human rights violations by holding women hostage. The members of the water party are abusing the power vested upon them by the monarch, thus portraying him in a bad light through this practice. We Swazis know their importance and that of their being commissioned but if they take it to this level, we will be left with no other option than to defend our heritage.

Someone said they witnessed bemanti snatching a baby from a mother because of imbeleko. The poor baby was screaming its lungs out. The man kept walking away with the screaming baby. I think the mother did not have money. It was a while before the screaming baby was returned, after I saw a young man giving them something. If this is culture, then it has no place in the civilized world. Because of that I believe Thembi Shongwe’s story.


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thula on 24/11/2015 07:14:48
Fully agree with you Mandla, me l experienced the worst treatment under these bemanti people in a country l call my only home. But the positive of all these is that such things are drawing the attention of the international community! Maybe its high time SD is reported to the ICC for serious abuse of human rights because SADC will remain in deep sleep.
Dicksy on 24/11/2015 07:24:19
lnyandzaleyo bo!!! E70.00? what for? this is a criminal case which needs to be reported to the police! mntfwana-lowa-Shongwe, sikhala nawe, but vukela e police station a record a statement bcoz this is day-light robery at ist worst!!!
A on 24/11/2015 09:08:59
Cha singasho nje kutsi linyenti lalaba bekunene alikafundziseki kahle ngalelisiko.lafa elihle kakhulu.

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