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IN my last article of 2017, I wrote about my wish and it reminded me of Martin Luther King Jr who had a dream. I had a wish.

Listening to Martin’s speech there is that voice which propelled him to tell the dream. Listening closely to the speech you do hear someone saying ‘tell them about the dream Martin’.

Then the orator goes on to tell what the dream was. I also told what my wish was, but have realised that it may remain a wish.
As the year begins though I have a message for government and for everyone as well. I noticed a lot of messages sent through social media on the New Year.

This is what I want to tell government and all those who care to read this article. “Welcome to 2018, the year of nothing, if you do nothing.” 2018 may be the worst year if you make the wrong decisions and the problem with government is that wrong decisions made by a few affect the majority in the country.

Today’s most popular message is Happy New Year or wishes for a prosperous 2018. Now, thank you but that is the most useless yet popular message all around the world.

It’s not about wishes (as I also had one) but it’s about action. Pastors will be dishing out all types of messages of hope to congregants or even the country and the world. Messages like the year of breakthrough, the year of prosperity, the year of victory and whatever their God or gods tell them.

But listen 2018 is the year of nothing if you do nothing or do the wrong things or have wrong priorities. All the sweet sound messages will mean nothing until you do something.
My message to you folks, friends and government is to pray, plan then pursue. God will only bless what you work on according to His will.

Do not be religious but realistic. Take action and do not keep repeating the same things year in and year out yet you expect a different result.
Otherwise 2018 will be like 2017, 2016, 2015 or whatever. Or even worse 2018 is just a number, it is not just enough to wish each other a happy one. It will not bring happiness unless you find something that will make you happy. God has never rewarded idleness.

Look at all the successful people in the Bible (because we have a majority of Christians but all the other religions can refer to their books), they all had to do something. They never waited and hoped.

So set up your goals, prepare and then take appropriate action. You must also remember that failure is part of success because in failing you have learnt one way of not doing what you set out to do.

Listen to constructive criticism but do not underrate yourself. Everyone who is normal in this world can do something. Only you can limit yourself otherwise you can do anything as long as you believe and are dedicated to doing it. So folks I pray for you that God, Allah, Mohamed, Bahaullah or any other whom I have mistakenly left out, to open your eyes so that you see limitlessly in 2018. I am not wishing you a happy 2018 but praying for you instead. Walk in love, believe and be diligent in all you do. Start today, set your goals and move.

I also pray for our government that it realises that it must plan properly and have the people in mind in whatever it does. It must prioritise what is important to the people. Government must learn from mistakes of the past and correct them.
To abandon ministries like those of sports will not be a very bad idea.

What has this ministry achieved up to this far? What has the ministry done in the previous year? To me this ministry is just ceremonial. You will always hear that its minister is attending a certain event; the minister is sending out a certain team but what is being achieved by this ministry?

We will not be fooled by the achievements of one team, Mbabane Swallows and think the ministry is working. No, that is the effort of the director of the team. Where is that national team that was emerging, which is referred to as Sihlangu? Which national team in the country has ever achieved?

If we are failures in sports why are we wasting so much money on it? Why not channel the money to things more profitable? I am not saying sport is not profitable but we have no plan of turning it profitable and we should not repeat the same mistakes. The Ministry has no pan of making it profitable, therefore, I reiterate, welcome to 2018, the year of nothing if you do nothing.

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