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There can be nothing more uplifting than observing, be it a tradesman at work or a receptionist when these beings do their work with zest and enthusiasm.

As one observes them moving from one space to another, they have a spring in their walk, something which just lights up the spaces they occupy. Receptionists with this energy move about like fairies and one enjoys observing them as they carry out their work of collecting a document and handing it to a waiting client.
There is no doubt as to what energy one is observing as one can feel their very core.

That joy that comes from within of celebrating and enjoying the moment, savouring every second as though there was no tomorrow, is something we all enjoy observing. Such people remind us to feel gratitude for just being alive. They serve us with love and enjoyment. These people are so engrossed in what they do that one’s presence does little towards unsettling them. They have embraced themselves in totality, accepted where they are; are pleased to be employed and have taken ownership of the spaces they occupy. It is also not uncommon to hear them whistle a tune as they work.

Their body language is such that they are content being where they are. There appears to be no haste in finishing what they are doing, because the objective is not only to do their best but to live the moment as they carry out their duties.
This energy can often be observed in mechanics as they fasten a bolt or fit a part to an engine.  They become oblivious of those who surround them or even of the fact that they are being observed. As they clean the part with a cloth after fitting it, the pride with which it was fitted cannot be mistaken. They even take a step back to observe their handy work as they give the part a final wipe so as to ensure that their work can be noted and appreciated by others. Once one has been to a garage where such meticulous detail is paid to the work, it then becomes difficult to seek service elsewhere, for the tendency is always to compare.

The above examples were merely to enlighten you and reaffirm to you how we all draw energy from each other. Everything we do has to affect others and the spaces we occupy, and thus the reason it is imperative that we always think and feel good so that the energy can be picked up by others and spread throughout the universe.
We can become carriers and transmitters of positive energy. If we live the now, in other words, the moment wherever we are, we will assist others to suffer less stress, anxiety and depression.

We each have a role to play in this physical space and we can do it consciously, thus slowly reducing the amount of stress others suffer. If our thoughts are good feeling thoughts; others will pick those up and slowly release their anger, anxiety and depression. From today, realise that you too matter and what you do can either assist the world become less stressed simply by your conscious thoughts and actions or it can add to the situation prevalent. You are not separate from any of the laws of the universe and we are all one just in separate physical bodies.

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