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Nomsa M drops single titled ‘Litfuba’

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She believes that women should be cherished since they are an integral part of society.

Nomsa Mtsetfwa, known as Nomsa M says that if we could go back to yesteryears when every child was every adult’s responsibility, this world would be a better place.
In commemoration of Women’s Month, she has released a single titled ‘Litfuba’. The offering is a dedication to every woman.
The Afro-traditional jazz song was composed by her husband who is also her producer, Menziwokuhle Mtsetfwa.
‘Litfuba’ was recorded at Subjamz Studios in Mbabane, engineered by Sabelo Sithungo.
The track is not only a dedication to women but also a thank you to Nomsa’s mUm for raising her to be the woman that she is today.


The afro-traditional jazz artist encourages every woman to take care of a child’s needs this month, since it is their month.
“It would be really nice if, as women, we made the commitment to do something good for a child this month. We women are strong and can make a big difference in society.

“It is crucial that we treat every child as our own. Even if they are not your biological children, it is important that you make a difference in a little life,” Mtsetfwa said.
Nomsa M says she is not very good at composing and writing songs, thus she leaves everything to her husband.
He is the one who runs around while she takes care of her boys, 11-year-old Vuyelwa and three-year-old Sinakekelwe and the chores.
She believes that children need their parents and they should be given the attention that they deserve.

 “Children should not fear their parents. They should feel free to discuss issues with them and this can be achieved if parents are friendly and free with them. A parent-child relationship is crucial. I make sure my boys can come to me with anything at all times.


“We discuss anything and everything because I do not want a situation whereby my children are afraid to talk to me about things they are going through.
“If we are not free with them, they might just end up committing suicide,” the songstress says.
She is currently working on a full album and the single is just to alert fans that something bigger and better is on the way.

The album will consist of 12 tracks and she started working on it last year.
Nomsa M is in no rush to finish the project as she wants it to be perfect to the last detail. The project is already at its final stages and it is a long-awaited album for her.

“I do not want to rush things with this album. ‘Angifuni kunidlisa inhlata’. I am determined to produce the best album for my fans. It can take as much time as long as the end product is awesome!”


She says it is important to be mature in this industry and know that God is a God of time. Her advice to women is to stay positive and respect everyone despite their background or titles.
She says women should be content with what they have achieved and also be comfortable with who they are. They should stay true to themselves.
Her short term goal is to raise her boys the right way, instilling in them positivity.

“I adore my family especially my manager. I love them with the love of God and I want the best for my children and my husband.”
She has an album in the pipeline and she dreams of establishing a School of Art as she believes that Africans are born with talent which needs to be groomed.
“I believe that as Africans we are born talented unlike internationally where people have to be taught to sing.


“If we were to combine the talent we have with education, then we would produce explosive albums, the best ever. I am determined to make a difference in this industry. 
“I wish to teach instruments, vocals, open a dancing school. That is my long term goal.

“We need venues where artists would be able to have their rehearsals and practice. We lack such facilities as artists.”
Nomsa M is more than ready to free the world with African music and is open to invites at anytime.
Her single will soon be heard on local radio station SBIS.


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