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MBABANE - Eswatini’s ICT Minister, Savannah Maziya, has unveiled an ambitious plan to revolutionise the local arts scene.

With a focus on utilising television, radio, and AI technology, Maziya aims to expose the hidden talent in the country and provide artists with the necessary support to commercialise and protect their art. This bold initiative promises to transform the artistic landscape of Eswatini, empowering artists and expanding their creative universe. This was after this publication questioned the minister on her ministry’s plans for artists. She was directly asked this question: “Artists play a crucial role in our society, and their talent deserves recognition and fair compensation. “Could you shed some light on the strategies and initiatives you plan to implement to ensure that artists receive adequate support, protection, and remuneration through your ministry’s efforts?”

She responded, “Artists are important to the world and to Eswatini. We are looking to use our television and radio as platforms to expose the talent but also the using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to expand artist’s universe. Artists must be supported to commercialise their art but to also protect it using intellectual property instruments.” Recognising the power of mass media, Minister Savannah envisions television and radio as crucial platforms for showcasing local artistic talent. By harnessing the reach and influence of these mediums, the ministry aims to provide artists with a wider audience and create opportunities for their work to be recognised both locally and internationally. In this groundbreaking move, Minister Savannah’s ministry plans to leverage the power of AI to expand the horizons of local artists. By integrating AI technology into various artistic processes, artists will have access to a wealth of tools and resources that can enhance their creativity and open new avenues for expression. From AI-powered music composition to virtual reality art experiences, the possibilities are limitless. This innovative approach will not only elevate the artistic quality, but also provide artists with a springboard to explore uncharted territories and push the boundaries of their craft.


Minister Savannah understands that commercial success plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of the local arts industry. To this end, her ministry is committed to providing comprehensive support to artists to commercialise their art. In her response, she also emphasised the importance of protecting artists’ creations using intellectual property (IP) instruments. She recognises that artists invest their time, energy, and passion in their work and should be duly rewarded for their artistic endeavours. IP refers to the legal rights granted to individuals or organisations for their inventions, creations, or designs. These rights enable the owners to have exclusive control over the use and commercial exploitation of their intellectual assets for a certain period of time.


IP serves as proof of ownership and prevents producers and musicians from being robbed of their work. Intellectual property rights awards artists’ security against others copying their creation. The work cannot be copied unless the musician or the recording studio authorises it. Personalities like Phetsile Masilela and Frans Dlamini, among others, have emphasised the need for local artists, work to be protected as in the Gospel space, numerous artists from South Africa were counterfeiting music created by local artists. It is a goal that was also put forth during the unveiling of the Copyright Law, which is looking forward to implementing this protection. By implementing robust intellectual property laws and supporting artists in copyright registration, the ministry aims to safeguard artists’ rights and foster an environment where creativity thrives. This commitment to protecting intellectual property ensures that artists receive the recognition and remuneration they deserve, thereby encouraging a vibrant and sustainable artistic ecosystem.

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