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Sidvokodvo - Ayeye! Eswatini Ayeye!

These were the exact sentiments of Makhadzi, before she delivered a stellar performance for her fans at the second annual edition of Eswatini Motor Sport Weekend. Makhadzi’s live performance at Sidvokodvo Riders Ranch on Saturday was phenomenal. Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, known professionally as Makhadzi, is a South African singer. Born and raised in Ha-Mashamba, Limpopo, she is best known for her songs ‘Tshanda Vhuya’ and ‘Matorokisi’.


Clad in a black bodysuit with white tassels, wavy blonde to brown curls, the singer was set to take her fans on an enthralling ride. She took to stage at exactly 2am. When taking to the stage for the second time in Eswatini, she promised her fans a good time, which she did. She sang 10 songs in total.  Makhadzi’s performance was highlighted by energetic dance moves and interactive commentary from the singer. Unlike the last time she was in the country there were no violent scenes throughout her performance.

At her last performance at Solanis in March, chaos broke out as the crowd split into two. Some patrons threw bottles and others debree towards the stage. However, sources reported that Makhadzi was not harmed during the commontion. Meanwhile at Sidvokodvo, the Matorokisi hit maker gave it her all and her energy was unmatched. She was also celebrating her 26th birthday and her success at the DSTV viewer’s Choice Awards. She performed her hits and captivated emaSwati with her dance skills. From time to time she was seen climbing the pillars of the stage. This was in an attempt to reach out to her fans; everyone went into frenzy when the singer performed her popular song ‘Ghanama’. This song proved how much of a big deal she is in the industry. The singer hardly belted out lyrics to the song because her staunch followers recited every word.


In between the hour-long performance, Makhadzi attested to Eswatini being her second home, she mentioned that she was happy to be in the country for the second time, this received cheers and screams from the crowd. The inference drawn from the singer’s stage presence was that, whether you are a fan or not, her performance on stage would leave you mesmerised.
Regardless of the fact that most of her fans in the country  had no clue what she was  saying, her music has always been blasted from most taverns, bars, cars, and taxis. Both the performances she has held in the country, she has always received immense support with all her shows packed to the brim. The Venda songbird thanked her fans for bracing the cold and waiting all night to see her live performance.

Another highlight of the event was Makhadzi’s dancer who clearly had everyone’s attention. The dancer who wore a white jumpsuit scored a number of fans because of her provocative dance moves. She would from time to time, inbetween performances, take centre stage and break into fully choreographed dances.  The dancer who was a marvel to watch was accompanied by three other dancers who were just as good.


A number of patrons when speaking about Makhadzi’s performance said it was exceptional. They mentioned that she was an interesting performer. “Nobody knows what her songs mean but they sound good and are nice to dance to. I love her,” said one patron. Another fan who was in the front row when the Venda singer was performing, said the singer was destined for success.  “She just won awards; she also chose to celebrate her birthday weekend in the country. She is such a lovely artist and you can tell by her stage presence,” said Gcebile Zwane.
Orth noting was that the previous day(Friday) the singer’s boyfriend, the famous Jerusalem composer Master KG had hyped up Makhadzi’s upcoming performance. This was during his performance on the day. “I cannot wait for you guys to see my girlfriend perform, she will be here and she will rock,” he was heard saying while on stage. This comes shortly after ‘Mama’ hit maker Makhadzi shut-down rumours of her break-up with the award-winning musician, Master KG.

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