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MBABANE – The Rainbow Crue has come out with a new single called Buya Jesu.

The group consists of; M-Keez real name is Mandisa Shiba, and Mr Luchie born Sambulo Sithole. Their music is already doing well on YouTube with their latest release, which was produced by the award winning Mr Kangaroo. The track was inspired by the difficulties that the entire world faces due to the Covid-19 pandemic which came with loss of lives and the recent floods in South Africa. The name of the song came about as a result of the artists being hopeful that even with the ongoing pandemic, all would be okay and God is still in control.
Mixing Gospel, Rap, Afro Pop and Naija music (Nigerian music), the members are keen to make a difference in the music industry with their unique approach into making songs.
The group was formed early 2019 after they met at Manzini Central High School. Members Shiba and Sithole have been in the music industry for almost five years now.


The duo came up with the name The Rainbow Crue because they wanted their music sound to be heard by different nations and the idea of the name was also cantered on a rainbow which is seen after rain. They have been working with Mr Kangaroo as their producer ever since they started doing music. Sithole and Shiba met the producer while accompanying some friends to his studio. They then approached and asked him to be their producer.

M-keez and Mr Luchie are yet to collaborate with artists based in the kingdom but look forward to it none the less. Their focus is currently on introducing their style of music to the people. They have performed in several places around the country including Skhuphe and Sjaiva Snomakanjani event in Manzini and were also invited to perform in South Africa at Lochiel in Mamelody Pretoria.

When reached for comment M-keez said “So far Mr Kangaroo is the only producer who understands our music and he’s the only one who can produce the right beats and instrumentals that we want.” He went on to say that their sound is different because of the type of beats they use and the way they deliver a message to the people.


Mr Luchie when reached for comment expressed the challenges they have been facing in the music industry. “We faced so many challenges as Rainbow Crue including not being welcomed by some of our big artists in the kingdom, but we decided to work on our own and let our music do the talking,” said the artist. Mr Kangaroo was also reached for comment concerning the group’s project. “They are promising upcoming artists who do Afro Pop, it’s good that they are tapping into other markets with this great single, it was a great move on their part,” said the producer.

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