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MTN BUSHFIRE Festival is more than a festival, it is a living, breathing creative ecosystem deeply rooted in African soil, is best known for its inclusivity, welcoming approximately 26 000 guests from over 60 countries in an atmosphere of tolerance.

Its ‘Bring Your Fire’ call to action promotes a passionate commitment to music, the arts and the environment, inviting all fans of music, the arts, cultural exploration and environmental sustainability to become part of the thriving community.

This epic annual festival today will see the thrilling performance of the ‘Joy Joy’ hit makers Black Motion, they are known to be crowd pullers.
The popular house duo Black Motion have made a name for themselves as DJs across local and international airwaves.
 GCWALA was delighted to be taken into their world of music, which is a universal language.

When asked about them visiting the country, they said that Eswatini is now their second home

as they have been here more than two times.
“Eswatini is like home now to us we have been here more than two times,” they said.
 They have not only made Eswatini their second home but they have also worked with talented artists like Lomasoul.

Black Motion have established a great reputation as artists who are passionate about their music and do not compromise the commercial sound of house music, but rather attract listeners though their act of playing the drums and spinning music, while dazzling the audience with their freestyle dance moves.
They only promised nothing but the best for all music lovers. “We will be pouring our hearts on stage, giving all music lovers a night they will never forget,” they added.
The duo also expressed their enormous appreciation to be part of the epic festival.
They come off as calm, introverted gentlemen, who enjoy talking about their passion for music, cars and art. However, when Mahosana goes behind the decks and Mabongwane starts playing on his drum, they cease to be individuals.

It’s as though their minds fuse into one. As they perform for their audiences, they communicate with their fans and each other through their music.
It’s like they’re in a trance, a trance with a vibe that their fans feed off and is regurgitated to the gentlemen, who will break into dancing or even create a new song in the moment.

They don’t particularly look like the type of men who would like to be placed on a pedestal as house music gods; they just make great house music that can capture a vast audience.
All house music lovers can catch them at the main stage at 00:40am.
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