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MALKERNS - This year Galp is the official energy sponsor of the Luju Festival and offering a chance to double up on energy with promotions at all 22 Galp filling stations in Eswatini.

“All you have to do to stand a chance to win one of 10 double Luju Gardens tickets is spend E350 or more at any Galp service station, write your name and number on the back of your slip/s and drop it in the box provided,” said House on Fire. The event organisers, House on Fire (Pty) Ltd also engaged Eswatini Tourism Authority (ETA) and their counter parts in Mozambique, Centro Cultural Moçambicano-Alemão (CCMA).


House on Fire said the aim was to promote the event beyond Eswatini by attracting international tourist and their businesses. This move, by the company, has created a platform in Mozambique that will allow citizens of that country to purchase and participate in the event, both as guest and entrepreneurs. The event organisers have facilitated for the availability of food and clothing stalls to both locals and internationals, which has in turn boosted Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.

House on Fire Communications Officer Simon Dawson said they successfully launched the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival yesterday, in Mozambique, Maputo, With the aim of expanding their regional footprint and encouraging tourism. He said they have facilitated this creative partnership between Mozambique, that would greatly benefit both countries. “The festival will be a great opportunity to see stars from the region like Cape Verdean/Portuguese singer, Lura, and Mozambican artist, Radjha Ali.


Festival tickets are now available in Maputo at the Centro Cultural Moçambicano-Alemão (CCMA), Av. Samora Machel, n.468, R. da Rádio, as well as through the Luju websit,” Dawson said. Marco Vaz dos Anjos, Director-General of the National Institute for Tourism in Mozambique (INATURA), added that; “The festivals in Eswatini are famous. People from countries like Mozambique, Lesotho and South Africa come here and feel free. People in Mozambique like entertainment and getting together! If we take into consideration that we spent the last two years locked down because of Covid-19, now is the time to get together and to recover economically. Tourism is about opportunities, and we see here that there is a good thing happening, so we want Mozambican people to experience the same vibe,” he added. Dawson also mentioned that this increased regional collaboration was reflected in the growing support for the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle Festival from companies such as Galp, which was fuelling the wider appreciation of Mozambican and Portuguese language and culture by supporting acts like Radjha Ali and Lura at Luju Festival 2022. Tour operators have ability to boost tourism revenue to the new target of E2 billion and the economy at large. This was mentioned by Business Eswatini’s Marc Ward during the Triland Excursion Familirisation Tour.


Ward revealed that there was no other economic sector that had greater potential to boost economy than tourism. He said: “A hotels study funded by the EU found that one tour operator had 75 different suppliers.” This, he said, was rare for any business, proving that tourism had the ability to boost the economy all round, even faster than agriculture. Ward also shared that African Bank described tourism as unexploited territory and Eswatini was rated 11 out of 100 countries which have not exploited the sector. This, he said, was why the tour operators should cease the opportunity ETA has given them to familiarise themselves with the tourism products in the different regions and use them to sell. It was also revealed that there was need for coming up with new products in the sector.

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