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MBABANE - Two filling stations had a case to answer with the regulator after two of their fuel pumps were found not to be in compliance with metrology standards.

This was revealed by the Weighs and Measurements Unit in the Ministry of commerce, Industry and Trade. The name of the filling stations in question have been withheld due to key principles that guide the Weights and Measures Section as per the Metrology Act No.12 of 1991. They said two fuel pumps were not complying with metrology requirement and that fuel pumps compliance was at 93.75 per cent and the remaining 6.25 per cent was recalibrated within six days.


The ministry said the process of recalibration could take couple of hours or days depending on the cause of the malfunction. It said this calibration process was done by independent repairs which were contracted to the different fuel companies for the installation, calibration and recalibration of fuel pumps. “As per metrology Act a maximum of 21 days can be given for the recalibration of the said measuring instruments,” they said. The unit also mentioned that once the inspector had ordered the withdrawal of such pumps from trade use; continual usage became a criminal offence.

It said the most common incompliance was the incorrect delivery of fuel which was either more or less than allowed tolerance. This can lead to either the business owner being on the losing side or the costumer/ consumer short charged, thus the section of Weights and Measures protect both the consumer and the trader. They added that filling stations needed to adhere to metrology requirement as stated in the Metrology Act No.12 of 1991 and its regulations which included the recalibration of the fuel pumps at least once every 12 months.

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