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No sex made soldier drink and drive

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MANZINI - A drink-driving soldier told the court that he committed the offence after his wife refused to have sex with him.


Sifiso Dlamini (33) of Ngwane Park, who is employed by the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force and is based at Mdzimba, said this during his appearance in court on Thursday.

"Your Worship, I was refused sex by my wife and I was so angry I decided to go and drink with the hope that I will get a secret lover (makhwapheni) at the drinking hall."

He said when he was arrested by the police, he was on his way to a secret place with a makhwapheni he had managed to snag at the bar. Magistrate Dumisa Mazibuko applauded him for not trying to rape his wife because he would have been sentenced a heavier fine than that of drink-driving.

Mazibuko also told him that it was better to go and buy sex from sex workers than raping. "If you have the money, go and buy instead of raping," he said.

Dlamini was facing two counts. In the first count, he was charged with drink-driving after being found driving a Opel Corsa LDV while under the influence of alcohol. His breath specimen reading was 0.99mg/l which was above the legal limit of 0.38mg/l.

In the second count, he was charged for stopping the said motor vehicle on public road, thus blocking free movement of other road users.

Dlamini, who preferred to conduct his own defence, pleaded guilty to count one and not guilty to count two.

"I never stopped in the middle of the road but was indicating as I was branching off to my destination."

The court found him guilty in count one and was acquitted and discharged in count two.

He asked the court to be lenient because he was a first offender and had a wife and two children to look after.

After telling the court that he traditionally wedded his wife, the court advised him to take a second wife.

"The law allows you to have more than one wife," said Magistrate Mazibuko.

The accused also agreed with the court. "After what happened, I will now consider taking a second wife," he said.

He was sentenced to two years in prison or a fine of E2 000.

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