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Law Society now going to court

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MATSAPHA – Lawyers have resolved to challenge, in court, the House of Assembly’s reversal of the vote of no confidence against Cabinet.

The ‘learned friends’ made this known yesterday afternoon after they conducted elections for their new Law Society Executive at Esibayeni Lodge.

Their resolution comes at a time when Members of Parliament, on Monday, voted for the reversal of a vote of no confidence against cabinet. The vote had been passed after 42 members of parliament called for its endorsement.

The constitution prescribes that a three-fifth majority of all the members of the House can pass the vote. There are 65 members in the House of Assembly, meaning that 39 of them can pass a vote of no confidence.

The motion to remove ministers from office came after Parliament felt that Cabinet had failed to stop the switching off of Fixedfones, ONE mobile phone products and internet dongles.

These gadgets were introduced and also distributed by the Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Co-rporation (SPTC).

SPTC switched off these gadgets as a result of an order by the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) which ruled in favour of Swazi MTN.

Swazi MTN took SPTC to court after the latter breached a Joint Venture Agreement signed by the two telecommunication companies.

Speaking after being reelected as President of the Law Society, Titus Mlangeni said they would soon be challenging the reversal of the vote of no confidence.

"It is our responsibility as lawyers to assist the country on legal issues. This is why we will be challenging, in court, the reversal of the vote of no confidence. We need to assist Swaziland on this one," he said.

"We are aware there are MPs who are acrimonious on the vote of no confidence. They should know that we will be taking up the matter," he promised. Mlangeni was re-elected unopposed. He had served three years in the position. He said he had initially decided not to stand for the elections.

"The reason I changed my mind and stood for the election was because of the encouragement I received from some lawyers. They explained that without my presence, they will not be able to survive in legal fraternity. They called for my continuity. I also noted that there was a lot that needed to be done in the restoration of a fair administration of justice in the country," he said.

The meeting was attended by over 50 lawyers.



- We are behind you learned friends as a nation cos now we dont know what is happening. We are confused bosyazi badlala ngatsi ngobe sngakwati kahle kuinterpreta lemitsetfo sichacheni machawe. Syanati nine once you tie a thing anmane nikhunyuliswe nje. We are proud of you Law Society nebaholi benu.
October 21, 2012, 5:00 pm, Sonkhe Dlamini


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