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... some MPs got kickbacks - MP

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MBABANE – It has been revealed that some Members of Parliament (MPs) were allegedly promised incentives to reverse the vote of no confidence passed on Cabinet by the House of Assembly.

On Monday, members of the House took about eight hours of debate to reverse the vote of no confidence which was passed on Cabinet on October 3, 2012. This was after a caucus.

When debating the issue on Monday, Nkhaba MP Enock Dlamini, who is against the reversal said even if he was offered an ambassadorial post he would not compromise his integrity.

Later interviewed Dlamini alleged that some members had been promised lucrative government jobs.

"I had asked one of the MPs why he had a sudden change of heart and he told me he was now with Cabinet. I asked what they had offered him. He responded that I would never hear him ask for airtime from me again. He said he was now getting more international trips," he alleged.

Dlamini, who was the seconder of the motion that had called for the King to dissolve Cabinet, did not come out clear to give names of the individuals who lobbied for the reversal of the decision.

Interestingly, on Wednesday, some parliamentarians made fun of Mafutseni MP Joseph Madonsela, calling him a Cabinet minister.

Madonsela and Kwaluseni MP Sibusiso ‘Mabhanisi’ Dlamini were part of the legislators who were behind the motion that resulted in the reversal of the vote.

In separate interviews, both MPs denied being promised or offered anything by Cabinet.

Madonsela said he has never even received, at least, airtime from any Cabinet minister.

He elaborated that at times he would ‘buzz’ (call and quickly cut-off call before it is answered) a minister, who would then call him back.

In addition, Madonsela said he informed members of his constituency that he would never take any form of bribe from anyone.

Madonsela’s colleague, Kwa-luseni MP who is popularly known as Mabhanisi said he heard from the grapevine that some MPs were promised food parcels to be used during their campaign for next year’s election.

Asked about promises of lucrative jobs, Mabhanisi succinctly stated that this would be impossible because Cabinet had about six months left in power. "How would they know they are coming back in 2013? To me this does not make sense," he said.

Meanwhile MP Mabhanisi stressed that they were never pressured or influenced by anyone.

"We did this voluntarily. I had a change of heart after carefully looking at some technicalities and at the situation. Cabinet was working, and we were not. People need services out there.

"Let me make an example, the recent rains have damaged roads – they need to be repaired. If we went ahead with the vote of no confidence, where would we have reported the problems because we would have fired Cabinet? We need to give people the services they need," the Kwaluseni MP justifying his reason of calling for the reversal of the vote of no confidence.

‘... I’ m getting mild threats’


MBABANE – MP Joseph Madonsela has claimed to have received threats.

The Mafutseni MP pointed out that he has been receiving the threats through his telephone.

"The threats I’m getting vary. Some of these people are asking why I renegaded because they wanted Cabinet out. Others are saying, your chances for the 2013 elections are slim, while the rest are saying what they wanted is the truth," he elaborated.

As a result of the reversal, Madonsela said he had also been getting compliments from different sectors.

"People are saying that I had shed light on the matter. And they are saying the fact that what you had lobbied has passed it shows that it contained elements of truth," he said.

On the change of the Order Paper, Madonsela responded that the House could regulate itself.

"It shows that the House was on board. I was excited and happy to see that the House was on board," he said.

Initially, Madonsela was supposed to be the mover of the motion reversing the vote of no confidence while Kwaluseni MP Sibusiso Dlamini was to second it.

Meanwhile, Dlamini said he has not received any threats.


- Well here is to ACC. Just be proactive and not waitf or the PM to tell you who to go after as is the perception where I am sitting. This is a shameful system corrupt to the core, characterized by cronysm and God knows what else...how tragic! Trouble is we have nowhere to look for this to be addressed...what a state! The leaderes of this nation they will regret having missed the opportunity to address this decay; when the chickens finally come home to roost, and roost they will one day.

October 20, 20121, 11:00 am, Burns Dlamini (Lobhoncela)


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