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We are going nowhere - DPM

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MBABANE- Amid calls to for them to resign, Cabinet ministers declared that stepping down was not an option as they were staying put.

Reiterating the Premier’s assertion that ‘Cabinet was still in control’, despite the vote of no confidence, Deputy Prime Themba Masuku yesterday disclosed that he was not going to resign.

The DPM was interviewed with seven other ministers about the option of voluntarily stepping down as a result of the vote passed by Members of Parliament.

"I will not resign because there has to be a mechanism or process that makes the resolution operational. At the moment I don’t know if those processes have been completed.

"I’m of the view that if there is any information on the ground that the public really wants us out, we have to know the basis of it. It will have to be proven scientifically. It doesn’t have to be something coined by the media and then be taken at face value to represent the aspirations of the people," said Masuku.

The DPM, specifically referring to his position, reiterated that he was appointed.

He said the vote of no confidence, being a legal process, would have to be completed for him to form an individual opinion on the whole matter.

"We can’t just go because there are voices in Parliament calling for our heads. All processes have to be respected. It will be after these processes that a person may decide. As of now I haven’t seen those processes being followed to their very end," said Masuku.

Responding to the public’s call, he said he would accept it if each constituency voices out its displeasure about the work of each minister.

"Gauging public feeling on this is rather complex and not readily comprehensible. At Sandleni, where I come from I haven’t so far picked this negative public feeling about my work. So which public are we talking about?" wondered Masuku.

Home Affairs and Immigration Minister, Prince Gcokoma, also disclosed that resigning was not an option for him. Interestingly, he called for a revisit on the collective responsibility approach synonymous with Cabinet.

Putting his point across, he sampled Hhukwini MP, Mkhululi Dlamini’s, submission on the day the motion was moved. He said the MP raised the issue that the whole Cabinet cannot be blamed for the current situation as there was a focal ministry tasked with the matter of SPTC and Swazi MTN.

"Even though I’m for the idea of collective responsibility, but I also have reservations in this matter as there is a ministry responsible in this matter. The Hhukwini MP raised this aspect on the day the motion was moved," said Prince Gcokoma.

He added that he is also of the view that all the processes with regard the motion will have to be followed for him to form an opinion on the option of resigning. Adding, he also raised the issue that the there is a need to clearly define and demarcate the arms of government.


"A sincere and lucid clarification on the operations of the arms of government will go a long way in forging a clear cut professional relationship between the arms of government," said Prince Gcokoma.


 - ministers should go home! now the've noted that there is something like pain because its them? recently they throatled teachers saying fired teachers remain fired not noticing that this people are breadwinners.The bible says what u do to others shall also be done to you.
October 11, 2012, 9:00 am, cower

- I am of the view that nothing just rises up from nowhere. We have a situation at hand where our cabinet is proving to all and sundry that it is not sensitive to the concerns and issues raised by the Swazi people. Saddening as it may be this is a challenge to all, as cabinet is made up of Swazis who have come from amongst us to the office they are individually appointed to. Instead of seeking to get us as a nation to understand and interpret the law, they should be clarifying the steps leading to each decision they took pertaining the matter at SPTC and MTN. One thing I know is that Cabinet is not made up people without a backbone, these are individuals with great cv's, its just that when you occupy public office you will definatley (sp) find yourself in between different opinions and you cant yield to the popular ones all the time. But please may they bring us on board so we can share their exeperiences and begin to support them. We cant always quickly run to replacing, as in just no time the very same people we will get will also have issues too, so lets find a way of walking this tough road together. Tomorrow its you, today its them and if the thing that causes them to seem like they are erring is still there, whoever comes in will also find themselves in the same. One thing I like about our cabinet is their loyalty to the structures and that is a plus for them from me.
October 11, 2012, 5:00 pm, Mahlemaswatinakasukumela tawo

 - its confusing to be a swazi nowadays . pm talks about rule of law but recent events suggest otherwise. he (pm) doesn't uphold rule of law. he seems to be above the law.
October 11, 2012, 5:00 pm, mafikebsuku

 - It is so intresting the DPM says such, yehhe DPM bantfu abasanifuni, what scientic proof?? The nation talked during Sibaya and they specifically said that CABINET SHOULD GO HOME. So now the DPM wants a scientific study conducted? Doesnt this cabinet respect the Sibaya forum, for goodness-sake read the constitution DPM nd watch the videos from Sibaya. Never mind the fixed-fone Gcokoma, it was just a trigger, but cabinet has done worse nawe uyati singabisimosha commenting space on this page.
October 11, 2012, 5:00 pm, Siphakamiso Lomahoza

 - Dear Sir, I am sure the whole world can see that Swaziland is run like a pre-school indeed (so said one prince). When I saw this on e-TV last night I realised that this is the time for change. I think there will be bloodshed in Swaziland and this is what we never wanted. Lafa elihle kakhulu. regards,
October 11, 2012, 5:01 pm, emdlamini

 - Ye Mister DPM asisanifuni and you better know about this. Please kindly and peacefully leave the public offices because what you were put there for kuyanehlula. We cannot over-emphasize this just leave because your continued stay do a lot of harm. There is enough evidence that you are incompetent for the positions, I mean the entire cabinet. from the drafting of Circular NO.1 of 2010, the E31m land sale, the apportioning of Crown land amongst yourselves, the economic crisis, the SPTC/MTN saga, the list is endless and I can write even a book on factors which make me want you to leave offices immedeately you see this comment. email>sibonginkosi.dlaimini@yahoo.com (UNISWA) GUNDVWINI
October 11, 2012, 5:01 pm, sibonginkosi dlamini

 - Akusiso keSiSwati lesi, iphi inhlonipho? Cabinet, including the DPM, plse respect the Constitution. Just resign, and the processes that be will exonerate you all if there is third force in Parliament. But for now resign and whether elected or appointed just follow the dictates of the Constitution than embarass the Appointing Authority. Kusho leConstitution. If reason and scientific formula were necessary, then the Constitution would be calling for that. Hambani u let down the country on the SPTC issue. So can the AG act swiftly and consult after Cabinet has vacated office. Thank you.
October 11, 2012, 5:01 pm, Jelele

 - Cabinet, defiance is not the issue, but do something about the resolution. This defiance statements by individual ministers are not helping anyone, but adding fuel on the fire and encouraging everyone to accept that defiance is the order of doing things in the country. When other people start the defiance processes, then the same government would be sorry. Go home, if your group says so, this is ploughing time and tilling the land would not reject you. Mbho
October 11, 2012, 5:01 pm, mbho

- We pride ourselves as a nation and hold the Sibaya convention as the highest organ through which Swazi express their aspirations: be they political or economical. Thus the Sibaya is called the Peoples' Parliament. At the last Sibaya, it was clear that 80% to 90% of the submissions made by Swazis called for Cabinet to go home. This was a vote of no confidence. What further proof is needed, I just wonder. Are we ever going to be true to the institution we hold so dear and to ourselves?
October 11, 2012, 5:01 pm, Gugabemqhawula


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